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Cultural current have Opera, mood, Battle of rhymes and ballroom dancing

Cultural Current 2015. Photo: Disclosure.

Cultural Current 2015. Photo: Disclosure.

For all styles and preferences the Current Cultural programming, What happens between 3 and 8 November, goes far beyond the great shows scheduled for the stages of Mouth Fucking, San Francisco ruins and Spain Square. For this year, the Curitiba Cultural Foundation in partnership with producers of the city has scheduled a series of events in several spaces of the city. Check:

Curitibaila -Friday (6), at 8:0 pm, Curitiba Memorial receives the first part of the event CuritibaBaila. On opportunity, the public can check over 20 presentations of different ballroom dancing with groups curitibanos. On Saturday (7), das 10h às 17h, the Casa Hoffmann-Centre for the study of the movement have samba lessons, Forró, Bolero, sertanejo, Tango and other styles with guidance of professional teachers. To participate you need to subscribe on the Fan Page of the event – www.facebook.com/curitibaila

Laughing in the chain -News on Cultural Current, the event leads to the London Theater performances of stand up comedy. Cast the humorists Patrick Macdonald ( Pânico na TV Band), Rodrigo Capella (Sabrina's program Record), Hallorino Jr, Marco Zenni, Emerson Ceará,Thiago Souza, Serginho Lacerda and Alfonso P. The presentations take place on Saturday (7), at 3:0 pm, 17h and 7:00 pm. The tickets are free and can be removed in the theater box office on the day of the event.

Battle of Rhymes – The grand final of the CWB Circuit of rhymes will happen, on Saturday (7), in San Francisco during the intervals of the shows. The last step of the challenge meet 8 competitors who will face each other in rounds of 30 seconds with attack and defense. Every round a vote with the audience will be made and the winner goes forward to the final. Made possible by the law of incentive to culture, through the public notice “Music broadcast” Municipal Fund of culture, the collaborative action aims to be a point of convergence between the various aspects of the RAP, in Curitiba. The project started in August on the square 29 March and went through five regional Curitiba. 1:00 pm schedule, 15h, 17h and 7:00 pm.

Vinyl fair- On Sunday (8), from 9:00 to 3:00 pm, Curitiba Memorial receives the vinyl Fair. The event will bring together exhibitors, of different places in Brazil, that will add thousands of LP's, of all genres and rates, In addition to music articles in General. Admission is free.

Opera – On Friday and Saturday (days 6 and 7), at 8:30 pm, the chapel Santa Maria receives the spectacle of Curitiba Lyric Opera Orchestra Gala. The óperá meet Arias and duets by Verdi, Puccini, Donizetti, Mozart, Gomes, Lalo, Bizet, Wagner, Gershwin performed by Ana Paula Brunkov (soprano), Shahin Liesemberg (soprano), Norbert Steidl (baritone), Eduardo Maldonado (tenor), Rubens Rosa (tenor), Ivan Mathew (tenor), Priscilla Malansky (piano) with Musical direction by Alessandro Sangiorgi. Tickets cost $ 20 and 10.

The Cultural Current 2015 is a realization of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba (FCC) and the Curitiba Institute for art and culture (ICAC). Has sponsored the Hard Rock Cafe Curitiba, Rolling Stone Magazine, Coca-cola, Spotify, Banco do Brazil and World Free FM. Cultural support Bienal Internacional de Curitiba, Goethe Institute, Instituto Cervantes, Consulate General of Italy, Gepetto Pizzeria, Radiola, Cultural Box, Fecomércio/Sesc-PR, Government of the State of Paraná and Gazeta do Povo.


08 November – Sunday (from 10:00 to 10:00 pm)
08h to 11:00-Soundcheck-Emic
13H30-Big Time Orcherstra
15h to 6:00 pm-Soundcheck-Pitty
18H30-Orchestra + Guest

07 November – Saturday
10h-Soundcheck-Duda Brack
13h, 15h, 17h and 7:00 pm – CWB Circuit of rhymes
12h – Djoa
16h-Duda Brack
18h – Trombone of Fruits
21h to 11:30 pm-Soundcheck-Meerkat

08 November – Sunday
07h to 9:00 – sound – Far From Alaska
12h-Rodrigo Lemos (Lemoskine)
14h – Jenni Mosello
16h – Relespública
18h – Far From Alaska
20h-Machete bomb

07 November – Saturday
11h-Mens sana (bet Free Fm World)
12H30-KlanDestinos (bet Free Fm World)
14h – Majordomus (bet Free Fm World)
15H30-Red Express (bet Free Fm World)
17h-Lay Leg (bet Free Fm World)
18H30-Faun (bet Free Fm World)
20h-SARA 5.7.2
23h – BraveHeart

08 November – Sunday
10h – no (bet Free Fm World)
12H30- * aconfirmar
14h-Kindness (contrast)
15H30-Duben Locomotive (contrast)
17h-Belgian Girlfriend
18H30-Woodsmen of Antarctica ( Live Latin Rock contest winners)

07 November – Saturday
12h-based Wind Orchestra plays Pixinguinha
14h-Saul of the Trumpet and guests
16h-Lucian Araújo
18h-the brothers Carrilho
20h-Du Gomide

08 November – Sunday
14h-Shoe stuck Gafieira Orchestra
16h – Pietro Domitian
18h-Naked Girl and Aeroplanes

07 November – Saturday
Laughing in the chain (Stand-up) -Sessions at 3:00 pm, 17h and 7:00 pm

06 November – Friday
Curitibaila, the show

08 November – Sunday
Vinyl fair – from 9:00 to 3:00 pm

07 November – Saturday
12h to 10:0 pm

07 November (Saturday)
14h to 6:00 pm – Viola soup

Hoffmann House
07 November (Saturday)
10h to 6:00 pm-Curitibaila, class

More events on the site correntecultural.com.br


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