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Marcio Zanini. Photo: Disclosure.
Marcio Zanini. Photo: Disclosure.

Creator of the "Anne of Green Gables" comic book launches psychological thriller book for young adults

After success with HQ, Marcio Zanini launches “Slaughterhouse of Sin”, a psychological thriller about human evil and mental health

Marcio Zanini, from 42 years, won many young people and teenagers with the adaptation of Anne of Green Gables in HQ, but, at the moment, it stands out among young adult readers with the launch of “Slaughterhouse of Sin”. The book is a psychological thriller that aims to raise psychologies about human evil and mental health through a narrative that exposes the protagonist's problems in a naked and raw way.

In the book, we follow the story of Alexandre, a man who recently lost contact with his wife and daughter after a fight and who lives chaotic moments when faced with the failure of his marriage. As if it wasn't enough, he is consumed by loneliness and hear loud and loud noises and crackles inside the house, consequently believing that the residence has a life of its own. However, their sanity and limits are tested when investigator William, also plagued by his inner demons, decides to turn it into a case to be solved.

“I like what bothers the reader, that takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you think. I touch the wound, but then I blow. We are not perfect, we are improving a little, and so are my characters.”, said in an interview.

“Slaughterhouse of Sins” initially it would be a comic book, but it never worked and the artist adapted it into a book. In the narrative, Marcio Zanini explores issues of betrayal, homosexuality, prejudice, sin, redemption and among others, all naked and raw. In addition, he has already revealed that his inspirations come from personal experiences and go to the complexities of psychology, a subject that claims to like to study.

Launched by Editorial Group Coherence in November last year during the Literary Festival of São Paulo 2020, the book was nominated for Coherence Choice Awards 2020 Best Terror / Thriller and won the Voice Award 2020 as Best Thriller.

Marcio Zanini also works as an illustrator and editorial coordinator, he was the creator of the HQ of Anne of Green Gables, book that inspired Anne with an ‘E’, which will soon win a second edition for Epiphany Comics.

Synopsis: Doped by medicines, Alexandre awaits the return of his wife and son, who abandoned him after a fight. In the purest and absolute nocturnal silence, having no idea where your family is, he finds himself facing the failure of his marriage and, as if that were not enough, need to dodge a controlling mother, of his own punitive thinking and the hatred he believes the house feels for him. Although the stillness of the night reinforces your loneliness, maybe Alexandre is not entirely alone. Loud noises and pops wake you up, coming to life through the pipes that, without him knowing, function as veins in which the essence of evil runs. Under that roof something lives with it. Something hungry. With the family gone and having to fight for their own survival, the limits of your sanity will be tested when investigator William, a tormented man with his own inner demons, decides to turn it into a case to be solved.

Biography: Marcio Zanini currently lives in Bauru, São Paulo. Has worked as an editor, designer, and was selected in several anthologies. Currently works as a text preparer and writes his own books, such as, Chronicles of Markus, who had unanimous positive reviews. Passionate about movies, series, drawings, video games and the entire pop culture universe, has a preference for writing stories with psychological depth, thriller e suspense, where characters find themselves in situations that force them to change in order to survive and evolve. In the free time, befriends and talks to others who are passionate about reading on social media and walks your dog: Cassie.

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