Cristão é Artista Plástico.

Christian is an artist.


A native of Curitiba, Paraná, born in 29/12/1972.

I believe that art liberates the human being of individual thoughts, art allows the Exchange and the Union of cultures, the art perpetuates the thoughts of mankind, the art combines knowledge with moral values, human and ethical so that together we are better in the future than we are today for our planet.

My intention is to work through the colors and nature pure and simple emotions and reflections on life. The vivid colors depict a world free, full of possibilities to live in fullness by using free will with hope, love, wisdom, peace and conserve the planet's consciousness to perpetuate a prosperous and human legacy for all. Having humility and compromising with good moral and ethical attitudes, We have a chance to show us grateful for the great benefit received, the "Life".


My works are drawn manually by the stroke stroke digital process, It's not applying effect on photo. Are printed with the rigorous method of Fine Art printing of Canson within the standards and rules established by Certified Printing Program. The printing process established by Certified Printing Program is the most reliable in regards to the differential use of inks and substrates for the longevity of the works. The inks have a certification of longevity, proven track record for WIR (Wilhelm Imaging Research), whose tests confirm that a Fine Art printing can achieve more than 200 years without deterioration and keep preserved the over the years while it followed the proper care.

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Curitiba – Paraná
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