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Gugu Liberato. Photo: Reproduction / MF Global Press.

chronicle: Why we liked Gugu Liberato?

Fabiano de Abreu é Jornalista, Assessor de Imprensa, Filósofo e Escritor. Foto: Gabriela Mello / MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu is a journalist, Press Officer, Philosopher and writer. Photo: Gabriela Mello / MF Global Press.

There are people who already face pleases, its nature is admirable and cognitive reveals its intention. So our cognitive aroused interest and admiration for the presenter Gugu Liberato, which always smiling and calm, joy and peace conveyed through the television screen.

More proud of us Portuguese descendants as was the son of Mirandela Portuguese in Bragança, Gugu Liberato leaves a clean legacy, no bypass conduit, no negative history but positivity and character example, simplicity, sincerity, credibility and as a human being.

The Brazil is shocked, not only lose a great name, a great artist, but also realize that to die just to be alive. We are fragile though it seems absolutely strong or powerful! Shows that money does not cure what medicine still does not solve and, we have to live well the present, because as the saying goes, The future belongs to God.

At a time like this, we remember him, at their best and validate their achievements that made him one of the greatest presenters in Brazil's history.

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