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Culture and nature of Paraty, in the Palm of your hand


Application of the South coast city of Rio de Janeiro brings together information about traditions, cultural riches and natural beauty


Founded in 1667, the town of Paraty gathers story, culture and a unique natural landscape. In order to gather and make accessible information about the historical and natural heritage of this city on the coast south of Rio de Janeiro, the Municipal Secretary of culture of Paraty, in partnership with Fundação Roberto Marinho, launch the application "Paraty: Culture and nature ".

From the "culture", "History" and "Nature", the application provides information about the traditions, Parties, typical foods, cultural equipment, art and natural beauties. There are more than 200 points covered, being approximately 100 with geo-location on the map. Available for Iphone and Android phones, the service invites residents and tourists to a full ride around town – the historic centre caiçaras communities, the stills to the path of Gold.

According to the Secretary of culture of Paraty, Cristina Maseda, the application was developed from a study of the city, that generated a report. "Paraty stands out, mainly by culture and nature, that make the city a unique place. We did an in-depth study and we developed this program that delivers a complete profile of Paraty and fills a gap in the memory and history of the city ", account.

"The Roberto Marinho Foundation, who was responsible for the revival of the House of culture of Paraty, He participated in the creation of this application to increase access to information on the history, the culture and the nature of this unique city. And so, by means of technology, We value the material and immaterial heritage of Paraty ", claims Lucia Basto, General Manager of patrimony of Fundação Roberto Marinho.

The Casa da Cultura Paraty, including, is one of the highlights of "culture". The space opens its doors to exhibitions of local artists and offers a free and diverse programming for residents and tourists. Other highlights of this section are the art workshops, with information about artists and location, and the stills, where it is possible to monitor the production of cachaça and know the main beverage labels in town.


The application "Paraty: Culture and nature "also brings information about traditional local religious festivals, as the party of the divine, the celebrations of the Holy week, the feast of Santa Rita and the procession of Corpus Christi. In addition to the history of each, There is a calendar and a map with date and place where they happen.

In "History", the main assets of the historic centre – houses and churches -, and the archaeological sites, unknown to the majority of people, are the main highlights. Them are found evidence Indians or prehistoric buildings of the Caminho do Ouro open to visitation and carrying centuries of a unique story.

In "Nature", the application makes an invitation to eco-tours, brings data and the location of beaches and waterfalls as the Ponta Negra Beach, Praia do Sono and Cachoeira da Pedra Branca. Paraty also stands out for its relief, hydrography and odd geological formations, In addition to species of flora and fauna threatened with extinction. The set forest-city-sea, preserved, with wide range of altitudes and different forest types, is unique phenomenon on the coast of Brazil and the South Atlantic and one of the few of its kind in the world.

From 1 July, the application will be available on Apple Store and Play (Download for mobile phone). During Paraty literary festival (Flip), which happens to 1 to 5 July, the Casa da Cultura Paraty will open doors for those who want to know more about the application.

Launch Application "Paraty: Culture and nature "
From 1 to 5 July

Casa da Cultura de Paraty
Rua Dona Geralda, 177 / Historical center


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