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“VISUAL URBAN CULTURE” by Aline Calamara

“VISUAL URBAN CULTURE” by Aline Calamara

CasaShopping brings together six of the most important artists of the Brazilian urban art and promotes charity auction for the project Pro Child Heart

Unpublished works of six important contemporary artists - Antonio Bokel, Joana Cesar, Mario Bands, Marcelo Macêdo, Pedro Sanchez and Piá (Marcio Ribeiro) will be auctioned on 30 August, às 17h, Wave the Carioca, no CasaShopping. There are twelve screens, de 1m X 2m, inserted especially in the context of 360sqm painted panels, and a picture of Henrique Madeira, photographer who did the making of the whole creative process. The online auction is now open on site www.ernanileiloeiro.com.br and the starting bid is R $ 1,000. All proceeds will go to benefit Project Pro Child Heart

Curated by Vanda Klabin, screens are part of the group exhibition Urban Visual Culture, opened in 19 July in CasaShopping. The works combine graffiti and urban intervention.

Each artist had the freedom to bring their diverse visual solutions, the techniques they use and its multiple aesthetic observations. “They reproduced what the consecrated on the national scene: their trajectories, recorded on city walls, showing, over the past few years, ephemeral and transitory nature, with associations, affinities, or oppositions between its various language forms and techniques”, Vanda Klabin knee.

Most of the works of the artists involves an aesthetic influence of pop art, constructivism, icons of popular culture and everyday elements of transport to the field of art.

“The street art and graffiti question the public space and play an important role in visual cultural environment in urban setting”, diz Francisco Grabowsky, general director of CasaShopping. For him, the creation of this space is a poetic CasaShopping brand in the public memory of the city. “It is a way to demonstrate the importance of private initiative in the cultural circuit and encouraging production of contemporary art”, ends.

Some Artworks that will be auctioned at the event:



Event: Charity Auction - Urban Visual Culture
Date: 30 August
Time: 17h
Local: CasaShopping – Onda Carioca
Av. Ayrton Senna, 2.150 - Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Phones: 2108-8000
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