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Aline Pascholati and their mugs. Photo: Disclosure.

Curating House introduces new products and prints of the artist Aline Pascholati

After collection of pillows L ’ amour, l ’ amour, to Curating House, São Paulo company of home decor, features new prints created by the artist Aline Pascholati. Are fairies, nymphs, Princesses and Queens – even a Queen of hearts full of charm is there.

In addition, among the new features are the mugs and ecobags, decorated with old and recent illustrations of artist. Hot chocolate is always good in a cute mug and the deprived ecobags, available in two sizes, make anyone more stylish.

All illustrations are Fantasy, entirely created in watercolor and ink nankin. The goal of Aline, working with various techniques and has shown his work in eight countries, is to show the magic of life, from enigmatic characters and very colorful images, the dream and the escape from reality.

In the case of mugs, In addition to the images Fantasy, also available are the paintings in the series Explosions, always in black background with vibrant colors applied à la Pollock.

The products can be purchased through the website of the brand www.curadoriacasa.com.br

Prices vary between 50 and 55 real to the mugs; 68 real to the pillow covers; 78 and 86 reais, to the ecobags personal (more dreadmill) and maxi (wider), respectively.

About the Curators House

Artists with images bacanérrimas. An avid market for differentiated products. An entrepreneurial vision. Thus was born the Curators House: All the art that applies!

The brand offers products for home and decoration, such as, pillows, sousplats, Cup holder, mugs and bags ecobags. Among the artists represented, beyond Aline Pascholati, listed Fabrini Crisci, Sonia Menna Barreto, Geraldo Maheshwari and Sabrine Sharma.

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