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On-site course: Missions-Rio Grande do Sul. Photo: Disclosure.

On-site course: Missions-Rio Grande do Sul

A Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo promotes a “On-site course” in Rio Grande do Sul on the topic “A Jesuit Nation: the people of the missions”, who will speak on the experience of the formation of a Catholic indigenous State in southern Brazil.


The goal of the course is to present, on the spot, the seven people who are part of an important chapter in the history of Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil. These people/reductions have led to prosperous cities, assisted on demarcation, and were subject to the formation of a great heroic tone regionalist folklore around the figures of the Jesuit priests and of the Indians ,including in particular Sepé Tiaraju (meant ¨ ¨ Yellow Hair keeper)

The culture developed in these centres has reached a high level of complexity in terms of art, urban and social harmony.

The signs left by Seven People of the missions were strong and remain in forms of ruins, architectural marks, borders, Customs and legends of the region. His relics can still be seen in the archaeological sites and museums. Its importance is worthy of attention of UNESCO, and the collection of statuary that preserved and are scattered in private and public collections is today national heritage listed by IPHAN.


Treze Tílias (Path to the missions)

A class on Tyrolean culture preserved in dialect, in the typical architecture of the city (Alpine style), in traditional cuisine, in wood carvings, in religion and folklore groups of dancing and singing that enliven the festivities of the city.

  • Seven People of the missions
  • São Miguel das Missões
  • Archaeological Site (the best preserved ruins in Brazil)
  • Mission Museum
  • Sound and lights show telling the saga of Sepé Tiaraju (narration of Fernanda Montenegro)
  • Santo Ângelo / Caaró shrine
  • Angelopolitana Cathedral
  • Museu Municipal
  • Museum of the Prestes column (military political movement who marched 25.000 km for Brazil)
  • Monument to the Prestes column (first work of Oscar Niemeyer)
  • Archaeological site of Caaró (place of martyrdom of Jesuits)
  • St. John The Baptist
  • Archaeological site
  • São Luiz Gonzaga: Statue to Thatch Zay, Chiesa Madre (Mother Church)
  • São Nicolau: within the site there is a wine cellar built in sandstone that remains intact; sewer system
  • São Borja: Museum and Tomb of Getúlio Vargas
  • Museum and Tomb of João Goulart
  • Paraguay Cemetery (the two countries ' combat in the invasion of Solano Lee)
  • Integration bridge (with the city of São Tomé)
  • Santo Antônio das Missões
  • São Pedro de Butia: City of German colonization with a monument of 30 meters high dedicated to St. Peter, inside there is a chapel with a missionary cross. Not part of the seven People of the missions, but it's on the route and is interesting
  • São Joaquim: the city considered cooler of Brazil, will be overnight point in return.
  • Church and city tour

Full script: www.museuartesacra.org.br


Dr. Roberto Coelho Barreiro Son: Ph.d. in history from the PUCSP, Professor of art history, History of the Church in Brazil, History of São Paulo. A professor at USP, PUCSP, SENAC and sacred art museum of São Paulo.

Period: from 01 to 07/07

Value: R$ 2.300 (in installments on the card)


  • Semi bed bus transport with leg rest and travel insurance. Escort Guide.
  • Lip service with soda and water during the whole trip. Natural snacks and dry in return
  • 1 daily Hotel 13 Lindem in Treze Tílias
  • Dinner with Tyrolean show at the Hotel 13 Linden
  • 3 a day at the Hotel Tenondé in São Miguel das Missões
  • 3 dinner at the Hotel Tenondé
  • 1 daily at the Park Hotel in São Joaquim
  • 1 dinner at the Hotel in São Joaquim
  • Course handouts

NOT INCLUDED: tickets in archaeological sites and the sound and lights show in São Miguel (/R $ 5.00 $ 2.50)

*Itinerary subject to change due to religious celebrations or public activities that are not informed or planned in advance by its organizers.

IMPORTANT: the complete list of passengers, with names and RGs, need to be in the DNER in advance. Your deposit slip is your proof of registration. In case of cancellation of your trip, can replace with another person 07 days before the trip.

More info, full itinerary and registration: www.museuartesacra.org.br
Information: (11) 5627.5393
Vacancies: 40 vacancies

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