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CAW - Cooperative Wooleefer Actors. Photo: Disclosure.

free courses in Theater / Film / Arts / Photography in Polo Social Arts

A CAW – Cooperative Wooleefer Actors open selection process with more than 100 free places on courses for low-income people in the State of Art Polo of Rio de Janeiro. "Studies show that smile and laugh increase the number of T cells in the blood". These cells suggestive name coordinating the immune response against infections and tumors.

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Another proven result is the release of endorphins, hormone, among other things, reduce sensitivity to pain, increases mental and physical resistance arrangement and, improves memory and mood. Reactions continue: oxygenation in the blood and in the brain are high, as well as the cardiac frequency. And still works diaphragm and abdomen, face, legs and back muscles.
In other words, laughing works the body as a whole and further strengthens the emotions. "Laughter relaxes, unwind. Promotes mental tranquility, providing larger opening trust, the imagination, creativity and well-being. Emotional reactions become more balanced and positive ".

The class with Humanized Space is the human capacity to learn and teach at the same time, without defining your audience through social class, ethnic, race, religion, sexual orientation and profession, bodies are light conductors for those in need of a smile, a saved tear or even a possibility not accessed. It is important that even insured, isolated and guarded have the opportunity to dream even for a few hours, We know the overwhelming reality of everyday life that surrounds us and so we have to mitigate these in our body, it's family leaving the elderly in nursing home, children who do not even understand how you can have as small and not having a family or being forced to move away from family ties and / or facing diseases.

Everyone can qualify for free, facilitating integration into the labor market through the Theater achievements, Audiovisual, Artistic Photography and also offered free of charge and generate income through referrals to paid performances and participations, besides the frequent social action, Cultural and Environmental voluntary all participants are encouraged to participate in order to participate.

Created in 2006, por Herik Wooleefer. Your goal is to offer free professional training in theater, audiovisual, corner, music, Arts, dance and photography, in order to contribute to the integration into the labor market and income generation. At the same time, seeking to develop and take some of their work to people hospitalized, they live in shelters, orphanages and on the streets, conducting classes in these spaces, strengthening the social bond, artistic, important cultural and humanizing the spaces is the result of a long process of involvement of its founder with the community movement in cities of Brazil. The actions, research and reflections developed along this trajectory marked by action in local organizations and other city spaces, us different artistic fields, is guided by the common interest of working, an integrated and comprehensive manner.

necessary documentation:

1 Copy of each document.
Proof of address
Proof of income
Working Papers
Birth certificate

for children:

Birth certificate
School voucher Updated
Vaccination card


West zone
Registration for Free Courses
24/08/2018 – 09:00 hours
28/08/2018 – 09:00 hours

Road Tindiba, 2089, 303 – Taquara / Jacarepaguá – Rio de Janeiro

Cultural Entrepreneurship Workshop – Free
Registration for Free Courses
01/09/2018 – 10:00 hours
Avenue Carmela Dutra, 1983, 2To walk – Nilópolis

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  1. Cicero Jose da Silva

    Bom dia agradeço a atenção Amim ofertada gostei muito do material que me enviaram, fiquei muito contente com o que tive o prazer de ver imagens ricas e lindíssimas. Desde já agradeço.me deem uma resposta se for possível quando será aberta as inscrições para o curso em 2019 pois no momento não tenho condições de fazer este curso pois ainda pago passagem de ônibus e em novembro não pagarei mas , aguardo retorno obrigado

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