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Daniel Marques

Daniel Marques é Artista Plástico.

Daniel Marques is an artist.

Daniel Marques

Daniel MARQUES is product designer capable of designing all types of products, Troubleshooting through a questioning well brasileira, with the heart, can be called emotion, logic and reason. Where the concepts of ecology, ergonomics and the quality of life for the user are priorities in the design project, sustainable holistic and engaged in the brazilian reality.

He began his vocation doing illustrations on paper, with the time spent for the airbrush as a way to get to the visual realism that later joined the study of photography to illustrate products. Studio photographer was where perfected image analysis and composition.

He graduated from the City University Center (1994) as a Product Designer, where on merit to your final project won a scholarship (Interchange) at the University of Montreal, Canada where he developed a project of street furniture along with engineers and urban planners from Canada, multidisciplinary form, applying the concepts of ecodesign (1995).

He worked as as in Rio de Janeiro and later in Belo Horizonte, designing and perfecting himself in the labour market. Over the years improved methods to illustrate products through computer graphics to present a project, to teach the course of 3D illustration for Designers at the University FUMEC, BH – MG (2004 ~ 2005), courses in Graphic Design and Product Design, where parallel did the postgraduate course on Design and culture (2004), as a way to update. Created in Rio de Janeiro the MARQUES design for product design services for all Brazil.

Árvore Infra.

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Niterói – Rio de Janeiro
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