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Deborah Milech

Débora Milech é Artista Plástica.

Deborah Milech is Artist.

Deborah Milech

Deborah Milech is a self-taught artist. He started to paint the 14 years old, and the 27, professional art in your life. His first exhibition was in 2015, a collective art show and, soon after, came the singles. Romero Britto and Wolf are sources of inspiration for his works of vibrant colors.

I create my works, in a case closely linked to technology, use as a base for the creations photography.

I seek to express in my works elements of popular culture, always keeping my peculiar style, with vibrant colors and irregular strokes, that lead the Viewer to a sense of realism.

– Collective Exhibition: 2015 / Participant of the exhibition Inutilitários Bazart, held at the art gallery JM Mathur ( Agape);

– Solo Exhibition: 2016 / Exhibition titled "SEVENTEEN", held at the Hall of Heufpel Art (FAU);

– Solo Exhibition: 2016 / Exhibition entitled "STYLE", held in the Garte UCPEL art gallery;

– Solo Exhibition: 2016 / Exhibition entitled "DREAM WORKS", held at the Hall of art of HCC – CANGUÇU.

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