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decoration and buffet: tips for hotels

Buffets are a basic service in hotels.. Meals offered to customers – especially breakfast – can make a difference to stand out from the competition. Therefore, it is important that decoration and buffet walk hand in hand.

Therefore, to help you understand more about the decoration and buffet, we have prepared today's article on the subject. Want to know more? So follow right now!

decoration and buffet: tips for hotels


Any hospitality space requires planning and organization to adapt to its peculiarities (windows, columns, luminosity…) and, at the same time, take advantage of all your possibilities.

In the case of a buffet, it is necessary to study the most optimal way to present the products taking into account the flow of customers and the work of the staff.

If the space is operational and comfortable, users will have clarity on how to move and where to locate what they need.

For this, several factors need to be taken into account: suitable furniture and equipment (tables, shelves, carts, self-service, refrigerators, toasters, drink dispensers…), dishware, visible cutlery and glassware and efficient distribution of food.

Cleaning, order and food at your point

Assembly also influences meal replenishment and the ease of cleaning the site., two key issues of an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Regardless of the category of the establishment, the supply must be continuous; it gives a very bad image to arrive at the buffet of a hotel that has just opened 15 minutes and there is hardly any food left or many trays are empty.

In case of offering lunches or dinners, each dish must be presented in the container that guarantees the ideal temperature to be consumed.


Regarding the previous aspect. Whether it's a breakfast buffet, lunch or dinner, a good organization and presentation of the entire gastronomic offer is essential. For this, it will be necessary to take into account which products or areas we want to highlight.

Their placement must follow the traditional method (soup, Appetizer, salads, accompaniments, Seafood, fish, meats or more elaborate dishes and desserts).

In any case, the important thing is that the decoration don't be the protagonist or cover what really matters: to food. Therefore, it is better to opt for simple decorative elements and not overload tables or shelves with superfluous things.

according to the style

The furniture and decoration of the buffet must be in harmony with the rest of the hotel.. This will give you added value and help create visual consistency throughout the establishment..

natural elements

Whenever possible, it is advisable to use natural elements in the decoration. The food itself can also play a decorative role..

Hotel buffet decorating ideas

how we explain, decorating a space for a hotel buffet requires planning taking into account variables such as the type of food, space, the average number of customers… Some possibilities are as follows:

The freshness of white

White is one of those colors that brings freshness and conveys the feeling of naturalness..

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That's why it's perfect for presenting food in buffets where you want to highlight different foods..

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In glass cups or bowls

A well-decorated buffet does not have to be synonymous with decorative elements.. With glass cups or bowls you can achieve an attractive and different presentation suitable for both desserts and salads.

For a rustic environment

For a rural house or a luxury hotel, just place some plaid napkins in wicker baskets for a rustic touch.

colorful cutlery

For a different presentation that catches the customer's attention, just use cutlery of different colors.


The natural plants are another decorative option for a buffet that adapts to different types of meals, like indian or chinese.

Without doubt, the decoration and presentation of a buffet must be planned calmly to give a better service and, and, improve customer ratings and experience.

While these are just a few hotel buffet decorating ideas, the possibilities are as many as your imagination allows you. Cheer up and give your hotel a unique style!


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