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Dejair dos Santos – Let

Dejair dos Santos is Plastic Artist.

Dejair dos Santos is Plastic Artist.

Dejair dos Santos – Let

Deja is an artist born in 1959, Natural Quarter Ducks in Promissão São Paulo. As a child already showed his inclination to art. He moved with his family to the great St. Paul to seven years. Deja parents enrolled him in the Panamericana de Arte school in 1977. There he studied Communication and Advertising, concluding in 1979 with honors.

After graduation he got a job at Sears retail store in the advertising sector and during mercantilist 13 years. Silkscreen had a firm during 10 years.

Thanks to long-standing friendship with the famous restaurateur Giancarlo Bolla, We had the opportunity and space to exhibit their works at the Bar des Arts restaurant in Itaim Bibi from 2001.

  • Deja currently exhibits his works at the Bar des Arts restaurant since 2001.
  • He exhibited at the International Airport in Guaralhos 2011.
  • Solo exhibition at the Blue Tree Park Resort in Lins SP – 2010.

His works are inspired by Impressionism and its main influence is the painter Monet.

Deja has broad strokes because the acrylic paint requires faster to merge the colors, because they dry very fast. The artist found that acrylic paint instead of oil paint gives more life to your work joining with the fact that use much ink to add volume and depth in his paintings, Deja realized that it is the perfect match for a good impressionist work, thus differentiating their main inspiration of Monet.


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