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Denis Cavallini

Denis Cavallini é Artista Plástico.

Denis Cavallini is an artist.

Denis Cavallini

Denis Cavallini was born in São Paulo in the year 1958 and, since, child embraced the art. Your father, a big international carmaker Executive, featured catalogs released cars home and little fascinated Denis. The colors, lines and the design of promotional pieces were, in part, responsible for its targeting to the art world.

Throughout his teenage years, the hearts and minds of young Cavallini were being conquered by the expansion of artistic 1960 and 1970. When the conquest of space, the fascination with the Cosmos gripped his imagination and formed the basis for his designs and studies. At the end of the years 70, the choice for the course of architecture was based much more artistic vein and the creation of projects than by traffic in the world of standards and encodings. At the beginning of the ' 80 he received the diploma of the course of architecture and urbanism College fine arts.

Between promotional projects, they were the basis of his professional life, Denis created furniture, avant-garde projects and continued in the immersion of his paintings, doing some small exhibitions. Art has always been the background of your life, in any leisure or as a refuge, always active in your daily life.

In love with travel, visited various countries, always adding content in your repertoire. Your references even from everyday life, prioritize the connections with the invisible.

In this new phase, bring the light its new works, exposing all their most intimate concerns.


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