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Drawing Prize, How to Draw Well by Silvia Reis


Silvia Reis is a Visual Artist.

Drawing Prize, How to Draw Well by Silvia Reis

“To Know Draw is to Know See” – Silvia Reis

Andhere are basic rules to guide you step by step how to learn to draw. One of them, and the most important, is the perception of the object to be drawn. It is essential to good observation of it outline to define the shape.

This is not difficult when it comes to how to draw a football or how to draw a cube, because these objects have very definite shapes and with a little practice, can be easily traced.

Take for example the design of a football.


We know that its outline is a simple circle.

For practical purposes, we will now call "inner" the area where all the elements that make up our drawing inside the contour.

Our ball is not smooth. it got cutouts in geometric shape. These elements must now be treated as drawings within our drawing.


Fig. 1



1 – We begin by tracing the outline only the lines.

At this stage, is necessary to observe carefully the relations of space between one line and another and respect the proportion of forms we will draw within the circle.

These forms are not equal and each occupies a certain space.




Fig. 2

2 – Defined the forms, now we define the colors filling the darker forms.

In a pencil drawing when we talk about colors we are talking, indeed, of tonalities. Since the black of pencil, going through the whole range of ashes until the white paper we produce contrasts between an element of the drawing and other.

Set the tone is perhaps the biggest challenge that we find in to know see. Recognize the exact tone to be applied in certain area, ensures the overall balance, that is, gives harmonious relationship between the elements of drawing.


Fig. 3



A ball is a bulky object and receives more light at some point and less in another.

But this light cannot be drawn otherwise through the shadows. Thus, the shadows should be drawn to contrast with the light and set the volume.

At this time, arises the need to trace the new contours that will give way to the shadows as shown in figure 3.




3 – Fill in the blanks of the shadows (Fig.4) and scumble with a piece of toilet paper wrapped. (Fig.5)


Fig. 4


Fig. 5











We now have a ball drawing, but we see in the model that there is an environment in which it is embedded.


Fig. 6



4 – We observe the shape of the shadow reflected on the floor and we trace the outline of it shape.

Fill in with a tonality slightly darker than the shadows of the inner of the drawing.

For background, just make a stain by setting a tone that contrasts with the light elements as with the dark of the inner drawing..



Fig. 7



5 – In this step, we scumble the background and the reflected shadow and we reinforce the visible lines.

By scumble all the background and reflected shadow we should not worry about "blurring" the contour .

The blurring of the traces created by shadows helps integrate the drawing to the environment.



6 – Now we will finish our drawing highlighting the elements darker and lighter.

Then reinforce the black and erase the areas where we see more light on the model.


Fig. 8 – Final Drawing

The result is a Realistic Drawing.


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Silvia Reis is a visual artist and has participated in several exhibitions where she showed her works in mixed technique developed by herself. Currently her activity is making pencil drawings of portraits per order.

Here are some of her models of pencil drawings:


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Caetano Veloso

Watch the video presentation of the beautiful artworks of the visual artist:


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