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Returning to society, on the Aldir Blanc Conference

In the day 28, 29 and 30 August, the cultural sector of the DF carried out the Web Conference Aldir Blanc with the purpose of listening and dialoguing with the cultural community and presenting proposals and guidelines for the execution of the emergency resource provided for in the Law 14.017/2020 to the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy, managing body of the emergency resource in DF.

It was three days with the participation of several cultural segments and representatives of 20 Administrative Regions. In addition to several entities, independent artists were present, all with the same purpose and the same urgency.

A CAB - Aldir Blanc Conference, raised about 96 proposals being that 72 were directed to the line 2 of article 2 of the Law, that will help the maintenance of the collective cultural activity, groups, spaces and other entities and, 24 proposals for public notices and calls foreseen on the line 3 of the same article by Aldir Blanc.

The consolidated document was delivered by the filmmakers, group composed of members of civil society, através do Comitê Consultivo da Lei no DF, for the SECEC Working Group, who is responsible for the Action Plan, Communication Plan and Work Plan to be inserted in the Platform + Brazil.

Beyond consolidation, a letter was delivered calling attention to some specific points, such as: further clarification on the Law for the cultural community; need for wide dissemination of registration forms; transparency in the execution procedures; and that no FAC public notice serves as a reference and basis for implementing the Aldir Blanc Law and the regulatory decree issued by the GDF.

To conclude the CAB process, the consolidated document will be presented to the cultural sector in a virtual meeting on Thursday, 3 September, at 19h.

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Babi Barbosa; Fernanda Moogani; Julimar Pereira; Lucas Rafael; Neide Nobre; Raphael Veiga; Rita Andrade; Silvio Rangel and Tereza Padrilha.

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