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Show the Scarlet Obsessive band 2017. Photo: Ilka Reiko.

“Ten years Woodgothic:” by Juliana Vannucchi

Juliana Vannucchi é graduada em Comunicação Social, licenciada em Filosofia e Editora-chefe do site Acervo Filosófico.

Juliana Vannucchi is graduated in Social Communication, has degree in Philosophy and editor-in-chief of the site Acervo Filosófico.

The Woodgothic Festival is an underground event held in São Tomé das Letras (Minas Gerais) since 2008. It is designed by Karolina and Zaf, Duo musicians Scarlet Obsessive and residents of the same city where the festival takes place.

In 2018 Full-Ten years after the first edition of this text and Woodgothic, aiming at the enhancement of undergrounds practices on home soil, It aims to honor and publicize the event. Therefore, I invite readers on a journey through space, time and music, so they can learn more about the largest independent festival in Latin America. here!

According to the proponents, the beginning of all of the first festival project, that happened a decade ago, emerged "movement in the Brazilian underground bands from 2006, plus the availability of Venue in Sao Thome, who was considered a “white elephant "and was there, the flies, Monument public resource abandonment. Essential for the development of the first edition was the collaboration of Sr. Juan said, artist, psychologist, shaman, among many other things, and our late friend .. ". By the way, here's an important point that we should mention: talk about Woodgothic mention Uviedo, It is a great injustice. Figure known and are respected in the Thomas Letters, Juan said, social activist and artistic, who was, by various means, He supported and encouraged Karolina and Zaf to carry out the first edition of the festival, providing logistical support, financial and practical. He helped take the paper design and realize it; an imaginary idealization migrated to the real world. However, Unfortunately, the great supporter of the duo and "godfather" of the festival, He died during the preparations for the second edition, fact that has shaken the organizers, more than, on the other hand, motivated to reap forces and have persistence in continuing to that issue and also the following. Even today, Uviedo is an inspiration for each edition of Woodgothic.

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From 2008 forth, the festival-sophisticated, improved, It attracted more and more public and has become more popular in the underground medium. As with Karolina and commented Zaf, since the beginning, the main goal of the festival is: “Create a situation in which the public may have access to a moment of real experience, outside the virtual world, where people who have a common artistic interest will meet in the flesh, in an objective situation, far from the urban reality, and not on a social network in a virtual world any. The festival things are made of real and human way, eye to eye, naturally without separating categories, public type and artist, and etc. Everyone who participated in the last edition had, each in its own way, this same feeling Contact, real communication, freedom of individuality, the affirmation of diversity and identity of persons, and the total absence of boundaries between them… It is a moment of fulfillment of utopia, in fact its realization”. There is no doubt that the main objective of the event is always achieved successfully, because every issue that occurs, it is clear how the public takes the opportunity, engages and falls, and there is also always praise made by both participating, as for those who follow distance.

Público fiél e sempre presente no festival. Foto: Divulgação.

faithful audience and always present at the festival. Photo: Disclosure.

An interesting aspect of the event, whose mention is important, It is the philanthropic festival. Since the first edition, in addition to the entrance fee for the event, the public carries nonperishable foods, later, They are donated to the Living Child Association (founded by Uviedo), and dividing the collection with other charities in São Tomé das Letras.

Despite some obstacles for realization of the festival and the lack of support from the city, the Woodgothic remains realized from the remarkable effort of Karolina and Zaf, public support and the dissemination of undergrounds media. Since 2008 to the last edition, held in 2017, nearly one hundred bands have played at the festival. among these, several international artists have risen to the stage, beyond, of course, several Brazilian musicians and bands. If everything goes well, in 2019 there will be another edition of the event. Per hour, It remains to look forward.

Event Official Site: www.festivalwoodgothic.com


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