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Tips on how to use curtains in your decor

The use of curtains goes beyond decoration. This accessory is not just for beauty, also including situations where the clarity is accentuated and the place needs a resource to adapt to external elements.

Internal environments with circulation of people must meet some requirements to receive this flow daily. Regardless of whether it is a residence, a public space or the amount of people passing by.

One of the essential elements to compose the physical installations are the curtains. They have several uses, for example:

  • Reduce brightness;
  • Prevent outside-in view;
  • Allow privacy;
  • Improve comfort;
  • Add beauty in decoration;
  • Improve well-being.

The decoration projects should consider all these features when inserting a curtain in their planning, because each of them has a specific and important reason.

In addition, the needs of the people who will enjoy this item are fundamental to determine which is the appropriate choice. Including, because there are different types of curtains and supports, both specific for each case.

See what are the main types of curtain

Knowing the various types of curtains and their specific uses allows the ideal model to be chosen in all situations. This is very important information when purchasing this accessory.


Typically voile curtains are used in the living room. It is a thin fabric that allows greater incidence of light, ideal feature for this type of environment. But if you have to, it is possible to add another layer and block the luminosity.


This model has a very particular aspect in its opening system: the fabric can be collected both up and down. This feature offers a distinctive and attractive look. It is a curtain that can be used in a bedroom, office and living room.


Curtains of this type are very practical because they allow you to install an automatic activation system. When they shrink they curl up and can be hidden in the plaster curtain discreetly, can also be attached to the rod.

Due to the possibility of automating the collection of this curtain, this model may be suitable for installation in glass cover, mainly, because of practicality.


The blackout type is produced with material that completely prevents sunlight from entering. Therefore, this curtain is ideal to be used in rooms or rooms with home theater.

It is also possible to associate with other lighter models to maintain the beauty of the environment and enjoy the dark effect, of course, only when needed. Another possibility of combining with the blackout model is the glass curtain system.

This integration allows you to control the intensity of light and dark in the environment, keeping the place nice and comfortable.


The side-folding mode offers possibilities for different positions. This curtain is formed by panels of fabric that move horizontally on a rail. Its aspects make it ideal for use in living rooms, rooms and home theater locations.

Discover the varieties of support for curtains

Just like the curtain, its support also features several models, so you need to know them to know how to properly choose which is the best.

This is relevant information that allows you to use ideal equipment, always aiming at the situation and the room in question.

Overlap curtain

The curtain is a space on the ceiling located above the windows and doors, intended for the installation of curtains. The goal is to achieve a beautiful and sophisticated finish. In the case of the superimposed model, installation is done by protruding from the wall.

It is recommended to use this type of curtain for non-lowered ceiling. When the room has white baseboard for laminate flooring, this curtain can follow that same style and color, mainly, to add beauty to the environment.

Built-in curtain

The built-in curtain is made with an additional space in the lining to carry out the installation of the curtain in a discreet way. This model allows to maintain the characteristics and functionalities necessary to the location in a subtle way, being indicated for recessed lining.

The lightweight concrete can be a great option to make the slab where a built-in curtain will be inserted, mainly, due to the characteristics of this type of material.

Curtain with lighting

The illuminated curtain is designed and works in a similar way to the built-in curtain. However, in this case, you need to leave a little more space to install the led strip. The difference is the even more beautiful effect that this model allows.


The rod is a support on which the curtain fits with rings, which allows mobility. It is possible to move the parts to both sides, to open or close. This type of support is located at the top of the place where the curtain will be installed.


The rail can be installed on the top and bottom of the curtain or on the sides, of course, depending on the model. In the case of a aluminum window with integrated blind models that run vertically with the rail on the sides are very common, for example.

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How to use these models in the decoration of the environment?

After knowing the curtain alternatives and the support options available to choose, you need to know how to decorate the room in the best way.

So, it is worth checking some tips to achieve a good result in your decor.

Use light curtains

The first tip is to use light curtains that match the chosen space to place the accessory. Models with heavy fabrics and full of details are not a good idea, because they cause confusion in those who observe.

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The intention is to make the environment pleasant, comfortable and inviting. When decorating the place it is important to know how to choose a relaxed curtain that matches the rest of that space.

Pay attention to the fabric

You need to be careful with the curtain fabric. Linen and silk have a good fit, for example. In addition to being lighter and more imposing. These aspects leave the place elegant. Polyester is very popular and combines with all environments.

When choosing a curtain, it’s interesting to consider one of these types of fabric, as they are good options for an elegant solution, cheap and durable.

Match the curtain and decoration style

An essential tip is to follow the decoration style chosen for the environment. It is not interesting to keep a pattern in the room and use another decorative category in relation to the curtain, mainly, because it will not match.

If the home owner decides to put a curtain in the room, but that space has a rustic decor, the ideal is to maintain this same combination in relation to the fabric model.

When purchasing this harmonic material, the result of this procedure will be a pleasant and even more beautiful place.

Consider using patterned curtains

Patterned curtains can be considered. There are many excellent themes that suit the type of decoration applied to the environment and the rest of the property, leaving the beautiful place. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Too many images can overshadow the beauty of the curtain and distract attention from your look. But a careful choice with a light and pleasant theme adds value and brings positive results.

Be careful with the size of the curtain

Care must be taken with the chosen curtain size, it must be suitable for the space available. Mainly, if this accessory is purchased for use in a custom bedroom.

It is very important to plan the dimensions of the place in advance and clearly know how much fabric will be needed to buy a curtain that will fit in that place.

When this room has a view to another external environment of that residence, you must also consider that place before defining this decoration. How much of that space is visible from inside the dorm and how it looks.

This information is relevant to define the curtain because, currently, some properties use white cement in its construction. This material does not need finishing and leaves the structure with that color. It is interesting that the curtain matches to make the view beautiful.

Final Considerations

The curtain is a very important element for decorating the environment, mainly, because it adds color, prints, style and allows countless combinations to add beauty to the place. This is how it is possible to bring more harmony, comfort and well-being.

But it is important to remember that this accessory is not only useful for decorative requirements. It also addresses some specific needs, how to protect from excessive light, ensure privacy and maintain thermal comfort.

To get a good result, it is important to do a prior research and know the different models of both curtain and support available to be used. So it is possible to use the ideal option in each case.

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