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DILILI IN PARIS debut in theaters on 13 February

Success in Brazil with Kiriku animation and the Witch, Michel Ocelot debut its new animation DILILI IN PARIS - AWARD WINNER CÉSAR ANIMATION 2019.

With subtitled and dubbed copies: DILILI IN PARIS debut in theaters on 13 February

The filmmaker Michel Ocelot has in Brazil a niche of passionate fans for his work as director. We have examples of success of his films previously released in Brazil, such as: Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998), Church 2 - The Wild Animals, The Adventures of Azur and Asmar (2006), Tales of the Night (2011) the Kiriku – Men and Women (2012) most often focusing on heroic stories, educational and social nature.

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In his latest work Vidilili EM PARIS (2019) winner César Animation Award 2019, it presents us with the charismatic and charming little girl Dilili, that during his first visit to Paris, must unravel the mysterious disappearances of other little girls like her, They are kidnapped by evil mestrres. For this, it will find extraordinary friends, as Monet, Rodin, Santos Dumont and many others, that will help her in this adventure.

French director, Michel Ocelot chose, for the first time, the scene of Paris to place your movie and during the Belle Epoque by the fabulous clothes that women wore and also by researchers and exceptional artists who lived during this period, including: Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur, Renoir, Rodin, Monet, Louise Michel, Picasso, Camille Claudel, Emma Calve, Toulouse-Lautrec, Proust, among others.

"Dilili in Paris" which took two major awards for BEST ANIMATION 2019 in Cèsar and Lumière Festival, It takes place between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, time that women emancipate themselves gradually and go to the labor market. The animation brings this question the position of women and carries a strong feminist message to grant the role the Dilili, a strong character and empowered.

Michel Ocelot admits to "Dilili in Paris", he was inspired by Jules Verne, Victor Hugo and the novels as The Mysteries of Paris by Eugène Sue.

During the preparation of your movie, Michel Ocelot He stated that there were only white characters:

“It seemed an impoverishment for my audience and me. I looked at the time some people more colorful than the Gauls. […] The first contact of the Parisians with different beings was indeed the “indigenous villages” reconstituted in parks. Reading the Louise Michel of memories, deported to New Caledonia, I discovered that she was interested in the country, in customs, in their legends and, mainly, to have continued her teaching profession with small kanakes. Thus, small kanakes could read and write in French and I figured one of them in a group of these villages established in Paris. I did a little girl that child, as it was to defend the girls […]. I also added a twist to heroin, it is mixed, another category that suffered, rejected by both sides”.


"A sublime visual experience"
Paris Match

"An intelligence manifest and sensitivity"
Le Journal du Dimanche

"A treasure hunt in Paris of the Belle Epoque"
Current wife

"Run to discover the incredible declaration of love of Michel Ocelot to Paris!”
The Parents Journal

"A precious animation with a beautiful message"
The Parisian


This distributor in Brazil for more than 25 years, the Imovision has been consolidated as one of the greatest incentive to the best movies, having released more than 300 movies in Brazil.

The Distributor has in your catalog of achievements enshrined international and national directors, and award-winning films in the most prestigious film festivals in the world, as Cannes, Venice, Toronto and Berlin. Keeping your focus on quality titles, the Imovision was responsible for introducing in Brazil international movements and rare expressive cinematography, as the Dogma Movement 95 and the Iranian cinema.


Original title: Dilili à Paris
Director and screenwriter: Michel Ocelot
Production: Christophe Rossignon, Philip Boeffard
animation supervisor: Gilles Cortella
Edition: Patrick Ducruet
Music: Gabriel Yared
Genus: Animation Prize, Adventure, Family
Country: France, Germany and Belgium
Year: 2019
95 minutes

Rating: 10 years


During his first visit to Paris, the young Dilili must unravel the mysterious kidnapping of several girls, that are haunting the light city. For this, it will find extraordinary friends, as Monet, Rodin, Santos Dumont and many others, that will help her fight the Masters of Evil and rescue the little girls.

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