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Documentary about Francisco Brennand is featured in Short!

The story of one of the leading names in Brazilian art activity comes to Short! at Tuesday of Arts, 13, at 21.25. The documentary "Francisco Brennand", signed by the great-niece of the artist, Mariana Brennand, describes the career of Pernambuco from his diary - started more than 60 years – containing records of his life.

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Painter, designer, sculptor, ceramist, at the age of 90 years old, Francisco Brennand is an intense production artist and diverse that, since 1971, He spends his days in the former ceramics factory inherited from his father, in the neighborhood of Várzea, in Recife, where it maintains a cultural center. Cane in hand, Brenannd works, checks his works, walks between newly outputs works of furnaces and reveals his inspirations and nightmares. "I never worried about my age because the feeling I have is thine several. We are different, where we are all the same - talks.

The production won two awards at the São Paulo International Film Festival in 2012: Best movie, Jury awards the Brazilian Film Critics Association and Itamaraty Award as Best Documentary.

Francisco Brennand (Documentary)
Director: Mariana Brennand Fortes
Duration: 75 min
Premiere: 13 March, Tuesday, at 21.25.
Rating: Free.
alternative schedules:
Day 14 March, on wednesday, at 1:25 a.m. and 15:25 to;
Day 15 March, Thursday, at 9.25 am;
Day 17 March, Saturday, at 11:30;
Day 18 March, Sunday, at 22h30.
PROMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYCDpQcwHUc


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