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Donizeti Leite launches second book by Grupo Editorial Coerência

Author takes a little of himself to “A Delirium Called Passion”

O artesão Donizeti Milk released “Um Delírio Chamado Paixão”, your second book, in June by Editorial Group Coherence. The work is a poetic novel that brings some of the dramas, Author's joys and passions through an introspective journey through the life of a poet.

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The book revolves around Chris, a poet who wants to find a love for his life. As you walk the inspiring path to find the lover of your dreams, the protagonist meets Roberta, a striking woman, and begin to live the experience of true love, realizing its idealization by uniting fiction with reality.

“Um Delírio Chamado Paixão” is for sale on the Grupo Editorial Coerência website and on Shopee.

Synopsis: Chris é poeta e vive a procura de um amor. As you walk the inspiring path to the loved one of your dreams, starts to write about the search for this romantic ideal and ends up bumping into the experience of true love. When meeting Roberta, a striking woman, realizes that you will finally have the opportunity to not only dream, but realize your ideals, merging fiction with reality.

About the author: Donizeti Milk, born in Ipiranga, São Paulo, in October 1965, currently resides in São Bernardo do Campo. Worked in multinationals, Johnson & Johnson e Volkswagen, and nowadays he is studying letters at Universidade Estácio de Sá.. His childhood with books led him to literary activity, becoming a writer and free thinker. Debuted in literature in 1995 with the poetry book Escritover rosamor, by Editora Scortecci, and 2021 presents its readers with A delusion called passion, released by the Coherence editorial group.

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