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E-Dinner Online Theater Show

Programming 08 to 10 de Mayo

Prices, music, lives, chats, Testimonials, theatrical content and expressions on the internet

During all weekends in May, from sixth to sunday, at various determined times, “E-CENA” happens, SHOW ONLINE THEATER ". One of the festival's goals is to get out of the “theater bubble” and expand, to other networks, the collection of donations for the “APTR NEXT TO THE THEATER WORKER”.

The campaign has already benefited 500 professionals and their families, with a VR card, in the amount of R $ 500.00. The goal is to achieve 1.000 contemplated. In all actions, there will be a Sympla QR code or link, by which the public can make its contribution.

Theater is live, a unique and singular experience. With the momentary impossibility of offering a face-to-face event, or E-DINNER, in a relaxed and uncluttered way, proposes a theatrical experiment. The show has an unprecedented schedule, that encourages social distance, without losing sight of communication, the habit and the theatrical power.

The search for alternative paths that harbor language and that monetize the sector's creative and productive chains is essential for economic survival in Covid's times 19. The segment was the first to be paralyzed and will certainly be the last to resume its activities.

E-Cena's presentation schedule is divided between the following contents:


Texts and provocations from professionals in the theater production chain – actors, creators, technicians, producers – about the sensations (cold in the belly, pounding heart, fome…) after the third signal.

Short videos with personal impressions for Instagram, Facebook e YouTube, posted one every day, from sixth to sunday. Will participate in this action: Alan Rocha, Amir Haddad, Armando Babaioff, Betty Gofman, Carla Faour, Fábio Enriquez, Flávio Tolezani and Natalia Gonsales, Guilherme Weber, Gustavo Gasparani, Helga Nemetik, Kelzy Ecard, Leandra Leal, Lilian valeska, Luis Lobianco, Marcos Veras, Marta Paret, Renato Machado, Rodrigo Pandolfo, Sabrina Korgut, Susana Ribeiro, Tadeu Aguiar, Wanderley Gomes etc.

The opening will take place with a text by Eduardo Bakr performed by Bel Kutner, Camila Amado (audio), Carol Aguiar, Flavia Santana, Françoise Forton, Gilberto Gawronski, Leticia Soares, Luiz Guilherme, Marcelo Alonso Neves (music), Miriam Freeland, Mouhamed Harfouch, Sylvia Massari, Tadeu Aguiar, Vera Fischer, among others. The opening text reflects on the moment of pause that we are living with social isolation and the eternal capacity and the eternal capacity for renewal of the theater.


Reinvent yourself.

Text by Eduardo Bakr

Music by Marcelo Alonso Neves

Edition Alexandre Furtado

Production Gaby de Saboya, Marta Paret e Eduardo Bakr

APTR realization

List (in order of appearance):

Camila Amado – em off

Vera Fischer

Sylvia Massari

Flavia Santana

Françoise Forton

Mouhamed Harfouch

Carolyna Aguiar

Tadeu Aguiar

Miriam Freeland

Gilberto Gavronski

Luiz Guilherme Favati

Leticia Soares

Bel Kutner (e Sensei)


In this weekend, First Act of “Cenas de Casa” will be launched. On the other side of the portal, a new world unfolds before our eyes: are powerful artists who, inside their homes, free themselves from confinement and multiply in classic texts, contemporaries, dramatic and irreverent.

They give new meanings to your intimate and poetic space; transform kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and corridors in everyday art. The world gets much bigger when we open the portal. That's why APTR invited friends and art partners to choose poems, songs and texts; broaden looks and eavesdropping; immerse themselves in the space of the virtual theater.

Scenes from Home is a creation of Monique Gardenberg, Karen Acioly and Marta Paret that unites theater and audiovisual. They are sequences of theatrical scenes performed by actors while performing daily activities at home. The viewer strolls through different rooms of a house and finds an online theatrical show that unites different texts, directions, conceptions and interpretations. The varied repertoire includes texts by great authors of all times.

First Act technical sheet:

Creation: Monique Gardenberg, Marta Paret and Karen Acioly

Edition: Ana Paula Carvalho

1) Luisa Arraes

Dir: Guel Arraes

Text: Lady Macbeth from Suburb

Inspired by Shakespeare

2) Gustavo Gasparani

Dir: Gustavo Gasparani and Karen Acioly

Text: Ricardo III

Author: William Shakespeare

3) Laila Garin

Dir: Laila Garin

Text: Discovering the World

Author: Clarice Lispector

4) Luiz Henrique Nogueira

Dir: Luiz Henrique Nogueira

Text: Pi – New York

Author: André Santana

5) Deborah Evelyn

Dir: Caco Ciocler

Text: The Seagull

Author: anton Tchekhov

6) Veronica Bonfim

Poetry: Female notes n.

Author: Veronica Bonfim

7) Claudio Gabriel

Dir: Claudio Gabriel

Poem: “Transpenumbra”

Author: Paulo Leminski

8) Aloisio de Abreu

Dir: Aloisio de Abreu and Karen Acioly

Text: Bobo, by Clarice Lispector

Author: Clarice Lispector

9) Susana Ribeiro

Dir: Susana Ribeiro

Text: Insects

Author: Jo Bilac

10) Fábio Enriquez

Dir: Cia Barca dos Broken Hearts

Author: Jerzy Grotowski

11) Elisa Pinheiro

Dir: Paulo Cesar Medeiros

Text: Skirt

Author: Marcell TORQUATO

12) Natasha Jascalevich

Dir: Natasha Jascalevich e Gabriel Stauffer

Text: Elegia (stretch)

Author: John Donne

13) Drica Moraes

Dir: Matheus Moraes Pitanga

Music: Let It Be

authors: John Lennon e Paul McCartney


Chat with Eduardo Barata. A theatrical encounter between 3 or 4 professionals of relevance to the Brazilian scene. The broadcast will be live, from sixth to sunday, at 19h, via Instagram, Facebook e Youtube, by official APTR profiles.

They are confirmed for this weekend:

Grace Passô, Inez Viana, Denise Fraga's Bara Bara

Friday / 08 de Mayo

Women and theatrical collectives

Diogo Vilela, Ney Latorraca, Lucio Mauro Filho and Heloísa Périssé

Saturday / 09 de Mayo

Theater and humor

Nicete Bruno, Eva Wilma and Léa Garcia

Sunday / 10 de Mayo

Theatrical matriarchy


Curated By: Eduardo Barata

Production: Elaine Moreira, Gabriela Torres and Gaby de Saboya

Live broadcast: Pedro Murad e Richard Johansen


Live no Instagram, from to 1 hour, of guest artists. The broadcast will take place from Friday to Sunday, at 9:00 pm, by @aptroficial. Artists will present songs of their choice, talking about musical shows and interacting with the audience.

Are confirmed for this weekend:

Claudio Lins and Lucinha Lins

Friday / 08 de Mayo

Stella Maria Rodrigues and Fabrício Negri

Saturday / 09 de Mayo

Thati Lopes e Evelyn Castro

Sunday / 10 de Mayo

5 – NA hips @:

Live no Instagram, from to 1 hour, of guest artists, transmitted, from sixth to sunday, at 18h, by @aptroficial. Cross-cutting themes on culture and daily life in the pandemic will be addressed.

They are confirmed for this weekend:

Elisa Lucinda

Friday / 08 de Mayo

Mariana Lima and Inez Viana

Saturday / 09 de Mayo

Patricia Selonk

Sunday / 10 de Mayo

One of the objectives of the show is to expand the collection of donations for the campaign “APTR NEXT TO THE THEATER WORKER”, that has already benefited 500 professionals and their families, with a VR card, in the amount of R $ 500.00. The goal is to achieve 1.000 contemplated. In all actions, there will be a QR code from Sympla or the link below, by which the public can make its contribution:


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