Edith Rizzo

Edith Rizzo

Edith Rizzo was born in 03 March 1966, in Santa Adelia, São Paulo, Brasil. With six years of age he sketched drawings and ten years have painted portraits.

1979/1983 – To enhance your natural gift he studied drawing and painting at Sesc in Catanduva-SP.

1984 -Moved to Londrina-Pr, studied mathematics at UEL – local University and, continued developing your art in workshops and courses.

1988 – The year that made your first solo exhibition was awarded in Rio de Janeiro.

1989/1991 – Along with various artists, became part of the "Project Shed of Arts and crafts", education and cultural production space in plastic arts, poetry and drama. Learned to work with bronze and later, with the extinction of the project, along with its components, created the "Boulevard of artists", in order to carry out work in squares, caravans and cultural events.

1992 – Took up residence in the village of Abraham, on the big island, Angra dos Reis-RJ, seeking inspiration in one of the most beautiful places of the country. Went on to create works with emphasis on nature.

1993 – It was catalogued in the book "Fine Arts Portugal, The Artist, your market " of George Malik, by Adrian Publishes – Porto/Portugal.

1999 -With your innovative production in public space – live painting – was soon discovered and interviewed by Xuxa in the painting "street artists" in the children's program TV Globo – getting over 7 minutes on the air nationally – and it made that your work stay known nationally and the search for your multiplication art.

2001 -Founded with other artists and artisans the AAPAA, an association to take care of the interests of the class and the FAVA, local craft fair.

2002 – His works are chosen to illustrate the BIG ISLAND ECO ALMANAC, Elias Lins Mello.

Perform your first solo exhibition in Rio de Janeiro. The success of the exhibition, in an area of Barra da Tijuca, take the work of Edith for catalog ART CARR 2002, where the best of the year were chosen.

2003 -Gets criticizes the artist Julio Artusi:

"It seemed impossible that an artist could carry out works to improve the natural beauties of an ecological sanctuary as the big island…. EDITH RIZZO, who lives there, get with your sharp surrealist art, releasing your imagination, showing people your poetic aspect, enriching their magnificent paintings, with images that are true dreams…” Julio Artusi "– Angra dos Reis/RJ.

2003 -Moved to Paraty, an international showcase of art and founded atelier in the cultural and historical centre where continues your work, increasing your coverage abroad selling paintings to Europe, Asia and North America. Today has multiple frames framing spaces around the world.

2006 -Is released BIG ISLAND ECO ALMANAC II, with his paintings illustrating the legendary side of the big island.

2009 -Is awarded at the national Salon of plastic arts of Ubatuba in São Paulo.

2010 -Traveled to Argentina knowing the local art.

2011 -Is Awarded by rede globo in Rio Sul TV Gallery.

2012 -Is Awarded again by rede globo in Rio Sul TV Gallery.

Traveled to Portugal, Spain and Italy, studying the art of the great masters among them Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Picasso among others.

2013 – Received the consecrated Cartoonist Ziraldo a criticizes excellent:

Anyone can paint like that without master, No school, without academic resources, without foreign inks, without English brushes. She believes that paint is to reproduce, with talent and emotion, what the landscape to your back to your watchful eyes. I remember when she appeared on Abraham, quiet, silent, painting your small beach paintings. I have some of the earliest gracing the walls of the House the small settlement, along with my wife Vilma, that was on the island, forever. For a number of reasons as, the paintings of Edith move me so much. Continue painting so, Edith, you, every day, is dominating more your technique. I'll keep an eye on you and your work wishing, always, much success in your choices.

(Ziraldo, creator of the Character crazy boy-critic 2013)

Edith Rizzo assinatura.


1988 -Black and white exhibition space Londrina/Pr
1991 -Bookstore Counterpoint Catanduva/Sp
1991 – Espaço Cultural Londrina Catuaí Mall
1992 – Espaço Cultural Cornélio Procópio-Pr
1995 -House of culture Angra dos Reis/Rj
1996 -House of culture Angra dos Reis/Rj
1996 – Espaço Cultural Shopping Center Canziani Angra dos Reis/Rj
2001 -Gallery Filhos de Gandhi/Amazon Ouro Preto/Mg
2001 – Espaço Cultural Ceddo Londrina/Pr
2002 -Prof. Cultural Space. Luiz C. Rock Catanduva/Sp
2002 -Clube Recreativo Santa Adelia/Sp
2002 -Cultural Centre University. Estácio Sá/Barra Tijuca Rio de Janeiro/Rj
2014 -Municipal Museum of Mangalore Mangalore/Rj


1988 -Cine Teatro Ouro Verde Londrina/Pr
1988 -Night of the Londrina/Pr
1988 -Sahão Palace Hotel Londrina/Pr
1989 -Caixa Econômica Federal Londrina/Pr
1989 -Shed arts and crafts Londrina/Pr
1989 -Ibrahim London Gifts Gallery/Pr
1990 -SESC Catanduva/Sp
1990 -Exhibition park Ney Braga Londrina/Pr
1990 -Shed arts and crafts Londrina/Pr
1991 -Rural society of Paraná, Londrina/Pr
1991 – Espaço Cultural Londrina Catuaí Mall
1991 -Commercial and Industrial Association Londrina/Pr
1992 -Cultural Centre Cornélio Procópio-Pr
1992 -Shopping Tupy Navsari Gallery
1992 -Commercial and Industrial Association Londrina/Pr
1992 -Brazilian Painters, Art box Gallery Porto/Portugal
1992 – Luso-Brazilian Painters, Space Cul. Delta Porto/Portugal
1992 -Overview of Luso-Brazilian arts, Porto/Portugal
1992 -Porto/Portugal Green Sun Casino
1992 -Chess Gallery of Arts port/Portugal
1992 -FIAP 92 Porto Oporto/Portugal art gallery
1993 -FIAP 93 National Museum of Slate Porto/Portugal
1993 -Brazil Building Art Wheezing Coimbra/Portugal
1993 -Plastic Arts Portugal, the artist market your Thorn/Portugal
1993 -Spring into art in the Capitol Porto/Portugal
1993 -Portuguese-brazilian Exposure, Walls are Galleon art gallery/Portugal
1993 – Espaço Cultural Ilha Grande Angra dos Reis/Rj
1994 -VII Encontro de turismo Tereza Brave Angra dos Reis/Rj
1999 -House of culture Angra dos Reis/Rj
2000 -Casa de Cultura Angra dos Reis/Rj
2000 -Festival of music and ecology of Ilha Grande Angra dos Reis/Rj
2001 -Festival of music and ecology of Ilha Grande Angra dos Reis/Rj
2001 -House of culture Angra dos Reis/Rj
2001 -VII Shows eco-mood of Ilha Grande Angra dos Reis/Rj
2002 -Festival of music and ecology of Ilha Grande Angra dos Reis/Rj
2002 -Casino of the arts, Atlantic Casino Rio de Janeiro/Rj
2002 -House of culture Angra dos Reis/Rj
2002 -Art languages, Elmi Gallery São Paulo/Sp
2003 -House of culture Angra dos Reis/Rj
2003 – Winter Conference Paraty/Rj
2005 -Plastic Arts Festival Paraty/Rj
2006 -Plastic Arts Festival Paraty/Rj
2012 – 3 Wings, one heart- SEC. Paraty/Rj culture


1988 -IV Salon Armando Vianna AAPP Rio de Janeiro/Rj
1989 – V Salon Armando Vianna AAPP Rio de Janeiro/Rj
1991 -Art Salon of Faxinal Faxinal-Pr
1992 -Zumbi dos Palmares Show Londrina/Pr
2003 – XXII EXPOARTE, Naval College Angra dos Reis/Rj
2009 – National Salon of fine arts Ubatuba/Sp
2011 -Gallery TV Rio Sul Resende/Rj
2012 -Gallery TV Rio Sul Resende/Rj


1988 -IV Salon Armando Vianna
1989 – V Salon Armando Vianna
2009 – National Salon of plastic arts of Ubatuba
2011 -Gallery TV Rio Sul
2012 -Gallery TV Rio Sul


  • Câmara Municipal de Guimarães/Portugal
  • Prefeitura Municipal de Santa Adelia/Sp
  • Caixa Econômica Federal of Londrina/Pr
  • House of culture of Angra dos Reis/Rj
  • Xuxa Meneguel Foundation, Rio de Janeiro/Rj

Energia do Amor.

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