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E-book: & quot; Essence of my Soul & quot;, cover - featured. Disclosure.
E-book: "Essence of my Soul", cover - featured. Disclosure.

Edmundo Cavalcanti launches his first poetry e-book

Plastic artist and arts columnist launches his first poetry e-book

Edmundo Cavalcanti from São Paulo, father of two, art lover and propeller of talented plastic artists just launched his first poetry e-book.

This artistic side has long been dormant, now resumes to retired business administrator by profession. Stimulated mainly by the sister, Eliana Cavalcanti, their children Daniel and Karina, virtual and face-to-face friends, the artist and arts columnist who has dedicated time and sweat to works of art, now reveals his literary art. These poetry are very well kept over time, that now gathered make up this wonderful e-book.

With the title “Essence of my Soul”, with cover and editing by Rafael Ferraz Carpi, is available for viewing at the address: bit.ly/EssenciaDaMinhaAlma.

By using the link, the reader will be able to taste dozens of poetry that express the most diverse aspects of the soul and present the beauty of the human being.

Edmundo considers himself at that moment a complete man, because according to your words: "I am very happy, was a dream, because I already planted a tree, I have 2 children, I just needed to write a book. Now I am an accomplished man. ”

Small aperitif of work:

My poetry

My poetry, your heart touched.
All my love for you spoke.
Love suit, pure and sincere.

Of your sweet smile.
That fills my soul
With your light and warmth.

In my poetry, I place all love.
I feel for you.
Today I can't imagine
My life without your presence.

This love I feel, there is not
You are everything I dreamed of one day.
Only you make Me Happy.

You are mine
most beautiful poetry.

About the e-book (author's words)

Poetry emerged together with paintings, because with each new painting I felt the need to also express in words the feelings contained in the shapes and colors placed on the canvas.

Inspiration for poetry happens in a single word, a sentence, a moment or feeling whatever it is.

About the author

Edmundo Cavalcanti He was born in sao paulo (SP), Brazil in the year 1948.

Retired business administrator, is self-taught, and started drawing and writing in February of 2012, oil painting on canvas in 2014.

Artist, poet and arts columnist, does not have a defined style, nor any influence, paint what you think is beautiful and follow your inspiration.

Uses colors, strong and cheerful tones. Poetry arose because of the belief that every work is colorful poetry.

Social networks

Instagram: @cavalcanti.edmundo
Facebook: @edmundo.cavalcanti
Blog: artesdeedmundocavalcanti.blogspot.com

More info

E-mail: edmundo.cavalcanti@gmail.com

Launch of the e-book “Essência da minha alma”.
Author: Edmundo Cavalcanti.
Year: 2020.
Cover and editing by Rafael Ferraz Carpi.
Preview: bit.ly/EssenciaDaMinhaAlma.
E-mail: edmundo.cavalcanti@gmail.com

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