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Eduardo Srur creates provocative works on deforestation

The artist signs installation with dead tree on the facade of Neobambu, Reference floors and coatings, located in Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva.

From day 9 March, Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, Address noble houses strong brand architecture, decoration and design capital, awaken with a visible nuisance. The visual artist Eduardo Srur, recognized by use of the public space to draw attention to environmental issues and daily life in the metropolis, always with the objective of increasing the presence of art in society and bring it closer to people's lives, installs on the sidewalk showroom Neobambu, a work that symbolizes the 'murder' a tree. IBYRA UGUY, which in Tupi-Guarani means Tree Bleeds, will be on display until 14 April.

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It consists of a two-ton tree trunk, chainsaws and red resin, the work expected awaken the look of the visitors of the region and bring up the recent environmental tragedies of the country. “I think it will be the most violent work that conceived. Exposing a crippled tree, bleeding, with chainsaws tucked in your body says a lot about the current moment. The Brazil, it takes a tree in the name, not deserve this greatness. We, Brazilians, we omitted the destruction of our most precious: the natural resources”, explica Srur.

Srur account that the work has several sources of inspiration, among them, Santinho image of Saint Sebastian with arrows, tied to a tree trunk, and installation "redshift", Brazilian artist Meireles. “Expose the work in the city generates a powerful contrast, because here are many people who make the wrong decisions that reflect the forest of life. In urban centers circulate people who consume more, but often, not aware of the source or supply chain of the product they consume ".

Also during the creative process, Srur called on the nature photographer Araquém Alcantara to participate in the activation with one of his latest works, the "Post-Burnt Transamerica highway", work done in Altamira, in Pará 2010.

A unique partnership between the artist and Neobambu happens in March, precisely because it is in this period that the brand traditionally presents its exclusive releases to the market. Always with a real concern with the origin of the wood, for this year, Neobambu, that values ​​for offering products that lead to a sustainable future and investing in renewable material such as wood forest management and reforestation, Eduardo Srur invited to attend the launch of action recognized for its commitment to environmental preservation. “We seek to reconcile the demands of the market with the DNA of Neobambu and because of that, the choice of Srur was extremely natural, a perfect marriage, we have the same concern for the future of our planet”, explains Marco Aurélio Nery, co-founder Neobambu.

No interior do showroom, you can still know the commemorative logo for the brand 2020, inspired by the 'Doomsday Clock' – an analogy established in 1947, the directors committee 'Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’, University of Chicago -, in which the human race is “minutes to midnight "and that midnight represents destruction by nuclear war. With the addition of global warming 2007, It was recorded a major breakthrough on the clock, and the pointer is extremely close to midnight. “Our logo consists of a tree with the hands that mark ten minutes to midnight, point where we need to regress to save the planet”, Francine says Ferrari, co-founder da Neobambu.

It is noteworthy that the tree used in the work was taken from a residence to present risk to property, inspected and laudada by Gobbi Environmental Technology Company. The authorization withdrawal occurred with the sub-prefecture of Butantan. Therefore, the work has all certificates for withdrawal and use of wood.

Service: Exhibition "Ibyrá Uguy" - Tree Bleeds – Eduardo Srur for Neobambu
Opening of the exhibition: 9 March 2020
Local: Neobambu – Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 1280.
open to the public and free speech.


Eduardo Srur

Srur held several urban interventions by the city of São Paulo and participated in exhibitions in many countries, among them France, Switzerland, Argentina, Spain, England and Cuba. To spread knowledge, lectures in schools and important events like TEDx, Create and Pixel Show. It is also the creator and owner of Attack Urban Interventions, a company specializing in planning and special projects management in urban areas. Currently, São Paulo receives permanent exhibition with more than 20 works of the artist. These projects started in 2018, Srur noticed when the amount of sculptures produced and the lack of artistic actions on city streets. its facilities, all on a large scale, They show various techniques and materials such as metal, wood, fiber, plastic, enamel paint and acrylic paint.




Founded in 2006, the company was proposing a different material, which although widely used in Asia, Brazil was the novelty. Bamboo was the forerunner of the mission to enter the domestic market floors and coatings from renewable source. During 14 years the company works to unite these various sources into a single portfolio. Today, It has national and international partners to form a group: are two own brands – NEOBAMBU e WOODPARQUET- and three represented – PARKS, TIMBERTECH and São Paulo Triangle Floors. All in synergy with its DNA that is to bring every continent the greatest potential natural material that unites technology, design, security and low environmental impact.

Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 1280 – Jardim America
Tel: (11) 5565-9029
Opening time: Monday to Friday from 10h to 19h and Saturday from 10h to 14h
Instagram: @neobambu
WebSite: www.neobambu.eco.br

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