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Elano Passos. Photo: Disclosure.
Elano Passos. Photo: Disclosure.

Elano Passos signs Cantos da Bahia Rooms at the Hotel Pestana São Paulo

Floor dedicated to the state has works by the artist from Bahia

Upon reaching the eighth floor of the Hotel Pestana São Paulo, the guest has an immersion different from the typical setting of a hotel. The runners have striking features of Bahia made by plastic artist Elano Passos and which this year have gained a special complement, with exclusive works by the artist in the rooms. “I called this intervention Quarto Cantos da Bahia, where I bring in each apartment the experience of experiencing a Bahian's perception of his land", Elano account. These are handmade details in different types of material., like walls, canvases and wood.

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Two rooms are special, where the artist made simulations of reality in real proportions, bringing Elano's art, with its striking and essential trait, generating the feeling of an imaginary environment, interactive, almost tactile. “I wanted to generate an immersive experience and, Why don't you, interactive, where the guest can lie in bed and see the Pillory or the Elevador Lacerda from the window”, account. Within your creative process, the art goes straight from the artist's mind to the canvas.

Among what visitors will find in the rooms of the Hotel Pestana São Paulo are baianas, attractions, like Farol da Barra and the rhythm of Bahia, through its drums. When I arrive, guests can ask to stay on the floor with works by Elano Passos and, and, have a little bit of Bahia in São Paulo.

About Elano Passos – Elano Passos is trait and essence. A visual artist who doesn't stop creating. Through the uniqueness of its design, it brings everyday life, places, people and memories, as a form of respite. Its striking feature brings life and movement to different elements, with the purity of shapes and finishes faithful to reality. Sensitive, necessary, creative, your artistic identity is a hug for those who see. And who sees Elano, find it in different formats. be on screens, walls, porcelain, wood or paper illustrations, the artist is already present throughout Brazil.

Elano's creations are born from her restless mind and willingness to take her art to different types of spaces and sizes. "I do as little as possible to reveal what I want. I hear stories, I study and translate the feelings in my drawing", tells the artist who started his career in 2016. Your characters don't have hair, defined hands or feet, but who looks, see movement, because Elano dialogues with what is fundamental. The entire process is manual, which guarantees exclusive designs in each work.

From the beginning, with ink, and today using different elements, one thing is right: everything can become an idea to generate texture. This can also be seen in some drawings., where he uses coffee as an element of his art. “During a painting, some coffee fell on the canvas and I decided to take it over by bringing it as part of the drawing.. Today I use coffee in some projects", account. The artist has also increasingly sought to use sustainable materials and processes in his works, be in the inks, fabrics, papers and finishes.

to Elano, art makes the world a better place and he takes it to his drawings. your clean lines, singular and conscious translate life, in the form of places or stories with poetic precision. Make a point of saying: "I'm from Bahia and my birthplace is Bahia", but your art expands, interprets and customizes from stories and inspirations from the four corners of the world. In addition to the black ink on white paper, also discovered the reverse, with white lines on the black screen and thus bringing more volume and versatility to your work. Another mark of its artistic identity are the plots, that serve as filling. It is a set of four traits in four directions that make up your projects as encounters.

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