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Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho

Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho é Artista Plástica.

Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho is a Plastic Artist.

Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho

Birth: 1947

Brazilian Nationality – Italian and French Descent.

Summary “Artistic Education

  • 1955: Piano.
  • 1956: Dance.
  • 1964: Guitar.
  • 1990/1991: Art History in the School of Arts of the City of São Paulo with Professor Maria Helena.
  • 1990: “Encounter with History of Art” and “Analysis of Works of Art” – Professor Santoro.
  • 1992: Atelier of Sculpture Faculty of Arts Armando Álvares Penteado.
  • 1990: Atelier Prof. Ernesto Boccara, Painting.
  • 1992: FAAP Atelier of Sculpture Professor Rafael.
  • 1993: Atelier of Sculpture at the Museum of Sculpture in São Paulo “MUBE” – Professors: Carlos Arias and Giulianna Pedrazza.
  • 2002: Atelier Ângela Basan.

Natureza Alquímica Ouro e Prata.The Contemporary Art and Original of Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho, Sculptress, Painter and Photographer brings the movement, the pace and with her creative process she summarizes in her artworks portraying the beginning of Creation to the present day.

With her Sculptures harmonious and her color canvas, she portrays the Divine, the Sacred, the daily life and the urban. She sought at the human roots and divine the simple language and symbolic which drew of an Archaeology of Creation, Poetic Memory and an Experience of the soul in the Work of the Creator. A ethnicity, the spirituality and joy of the Brazilian people are present in her artwork, in which she emphasized each time that Brazil was being rediscovered.

The artist is Member of Three Academies of Arts and Letters, Dame of Ordem de Mérito Cultura João VI, received awards and honors from the Brazilian Society.

  • Member of the Academia de Letras e Artes Itapirense “AILA”.
  • Member of the Federação das Academias de Letras e Artes do Estado de São Paulo “FALASP”.
  • Member of the Academia de Letras e Artes do Estado de Minas Gerais “FALAEMG”.
  • Dame of the Ordem de Mérito Cultural Dom João VI.


  • 1975/1988: CREATION, PRODUCTION in Photography STUDIOS and WRITING for Magazines, Newspapers, Photographers and Clients. Market Research, Customer Marketing and Media Relations in print. Collaborator on print in articles for early childhood education and Consultant at Claudia Magazine, Editora Abril.
  • 1996: Hall “Rosa-Cruz de Arte Mística”, Trophy of Featured first place.
  • 1997: Exhibition “Galpão das Artes in Collective, Tropical Country” with Painting.
  • 1999: Photos sent of her artworks to Paris for “Ateliê D’Art”, Place Blanche.
  • 2002: Solo Exhibition “14 artwork” at “Ancient and Mystical Ordem Rosae Crucis” – São Paulo.
  • 2003: Exhibition “Outono Academia Brasileira de Arte Cultura e História, and Secretariat of Culture of the Government of the State of São Paulo”.
  • 2003: Exhibition “Best of Design” no “Space 48 NGT”, First Show of Design in “Television Station”, Diploma Image to Selected for the inauguration of the Space.
  • 2003: Commemorative Diploma at “World Day of the Arts Ministry of Culture of the State of São Paulo” and “Academia Brasileira de Arte Cultura e História”.
  • 2003: Diploma “Exhibition Arte Dez, Fome Zero – Academia de Arte Cultura e História”.
  • 2003: XVII Mostra de Arte Granja Viana “Esporte Clube Pinheiros”, Medal for Best ArtWork.
  • 2003: IX Contest of “Free Art Saint Germain”, Silver Medal.
  • 2003: Exhibition “Cultural Hilton Space”, São Paulo and “Academia Brasileira de Arte Cultura e História and the Department of Culture of the State of São Paulo”. Gold Medal.
  • 2003: Exhibition “Starring”, “Secretary of State for Culture” and "Academia Brasileira de Arte Cultura e História”.
  • 2004: Hall “96 years of ABI”, Brazilian Press Association, Rio de Janeiro, Diploma Gold Medal.A Dança de Vênus.
  • 2004: Workshop and Exhibition “Hotel da Serra”, Campos do Jordão in São Paulo: Clay, ArtWorks and Pictures.
  • 2004: “Galeria Spazio Surreale” – Exposição de Arte “Shadows and Colors”, Cultural Venue “Infraero”, Bronze Medal.
  • 2004: Commemorative Diploma of “National Day of the Arts”, Featured.
  • 2004: Exhibition “Centro Cultural de Pinheiros”, Library of Alceu de Amoroso Lima.
  • 2004: Exhibition “Latin America Memorial” in the State of São Paulo and the State Department of “Culture Academy and Latin - American Art ".
  • 2004: Receives from “Brazilian Academy of Art” “Personality Title” the Arts by her dedication and hard work.
  • 2005: Cultural Venue “Blue Life”.
  • 2005: Museum of “Assembléia Legislativa do Estado de São Paulo”.
  • 2005: Exhibition “Assembléia Legislativa do Estado de São Paulo” as a Member of the Cooperative “Artistas Visuais Cooperartistas” and Finapesp.
  • 2005: Exhibition “Chapel. Art. Show”.
  • 2005: Exhibition “Viva A diferença” – Galeria dos Cooperartistas.
  • 2006: Solo Exhibition in Espaço Cultural Casa Móvel Shopping.
  • 2006: Exposure Chapel. Art. Show.
  • 2006: Cultural Blue Life Space.
  • 2007: Collective Exhibition at Hotel Casa Grande.
  • 2007: Year of Studies and Research, Development Art for Children, and Advertising art, Dissemination of ArtWorks on Virtual Media
  • 2008: Anita Garibaldi Trophy.
  • 2009: Artist Invited to Chapel Exhibition. Art. Show.
  • 2009: Exposure France-Brazil by the Academia Brasileira de Arte Cultura e História, Secretary of State of São Paulo.
  • 2009: Gold Medal with Sculpture Maritime Architecture, Third place Medal in Painting, Honorable Mention Medal also in Painting also in the Hall of Waters, by the Navy of Brazil Command 8th Naval District.
  • 2009: Participation at Collective Exposition in Park Avenue Gallery.
  • 2010: Collective Exhibition São Paulo Military Circle.
  • 2010: Collective Exhibition Silvia Helena Campos Morumbi Space.
  • 2011: Preparation CD The Blue Bird.
  • 2012: Photography Exhibition Salon of Contemporary Art Bonkyo.
  • 2013: Solo Exhibition of Photography in JAM Arte: In the timeline.

CATALOGS: Brazil Italy/2005, Assibrac/2004, Chapel. Art. Show/2006/2008/2009, Cooperativa dos Artistas, Brasil Connection/ Vol. 2.


  • 2005, 2006, 2008: Leiloar: Paineiras Club, Atibaia Hotel, Clube a Hebraica, Ilhas do Sul, Gallery 22 Shopping Eldorado, Il, Assibrac, Cooperativa dos Artistas, Brazil Gallery. Catalog ongoing Museum Moa USA.


  • 2003/2004: Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi.
  • 2003: Galeria Portal.O Porto.
  • 2003/2004: Galeria Arte Aplicada.
  • 2003: Galeria Ângela Borgo at State of Espírito Santo.
  • 2003/2004: Gallery 22.
  • 2004: Galeria Spazio Surealle.
  • 2005: Piva Space.
  • 2006: Cultural Blue Life Space.

ArtWorks in MUSEUMS

  • Museum of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo.
  • Museu of Academia de Letras e Artes de Itapira.
See All the ArtWorks of the Visual Artist in Exhibition at the Virtual Gallery.


São Paulo – São Paulo
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