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Emma Bianchini - “The pleasure of painting with simplicity” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

"In his works we may note the simplicity of the traits, the joy of colors and pleasure of simply paint, without rules or concepts. She paints with his soul and his heart, portraying our daily life. "- Edmundo Cavalcanti – Columnist

Understand a little about the art of Emma

Arte Primitivista or Naive (word of French origin, whose meaning is naïve) is an artistic style that does not follow the traditional rules of image representation.

Generally primitivists artists are self-taught, it means, learn alone, and create their own style and technical resources working.

They have the following characteristics:

  • Autodidact (self taught), result of the lack of academic training in the artistic field;
  • Refusal or even unaware of the use of the canons of academic art;
  • flat composition, bidimensional, tends to symmetry and the line is always figurative;
  • There is no linear geometric perspective. The artist does not use the perspective of the rules, defined by the Renaissance, such as reducing the size of objects in proportion to the distance, the reduction of the color intensity and accuracy of details according to the distance;
  • Detailed scenarios of figures and;
  • Contempt for the faithful representation of reality;
  • exuberant colors;
  • Strokes contained with many colors.

Source: Site of Arts History.

Emma Bianchini for herself

Emma Bianchini é Artista Plástica.

Emma Bianchini is Plastic Artist.

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Capital.

My contact with the arts began in the early days of the primary through my first teacher.

I've always loved painting, I made several free courses and graduated in drawing and painting at the School Panamericana Arts.

painted marine, flowers, abstracts, artistic nudes, landscapes, but only managed to find me and be happier when I met Art Naif, with the freedom to create the images I have in mind, free ratios and with very strong colors, to expose my art naive.

Who encouraged me was my friend Naif artist Raquel Gallena.

Art is everything in my life, I can not go a day without paint, brings me pleasure, happiness!

Pinto in various materials, but give preference to the screens, paint with acrylic paint.

My main activity is painting, I not give lessons and also have not exposed outside Brazil, currently participate in exhibitions in cafes and public spaces, as arts fairs.

For the future I intend to live in Buzios and open a studio.

In my paintings I try to portray all that delights me more, santos, children playing scenes, villages, June parties, carnival, flowers, many flowers and the moon, who always paint with flowers.

My Recent exhibitions include the Commercial Association of São Paulo and the Lycian Simonetti Space.

Currently I expound on Saturdays at Praça Benedito Calixto.

Have screens scattered around the world, Italy, Spain, Germany, Africa and Japan.

As for the future of art in Brazil, I feel that we are going through a change, a transition.

I am always optimistic and I feel that major changes must occur in the middle of the arts.

Comments critical renowned arts on Emma's work. (I totally agree)

"Joy of Life", He made the trajectory of this artist percorresse a rich way of pictorial research.

Paint meant opening your heart "LADY GIRL" to bloom the "BIG WOMAN" that, with "Grace", rescues the memory saved from childhood, where his magical world of "Fairy" playing with their loves, between Crystal drops spouting thousands of colorful flowers.

Emma lets you create, festive and recreational fields scenes, bountiful harvests and happy holiday children in lovely beaches.

His subjects "Naif" presenteiam us with a rich and beautiful world and take us back to a time to relax to just enjoy his joy of life. As an assistant and constant admirer of Emma painting, I realize their persevering joy, and I believe that through their particular "Naive Art", she can achieve his "Happiness".

Congratulations Emma!

Raquel Gallena – Arts criticism

"I always remains within each of us, the bucolic, the sentimentality and the simplicity that the work of this artist - eternal child - overflow around the screen ".

Looking at his paintings, We strolled by the images of our childhood, the festivals that both enchanted by the orchards of appetizing fruits like spoon, by streams where imagined get your feet wet, the kites that gave character daytime skies, by balloons night skies, the exotic birds of our fauna, the cats meow on roofs, We heard the train noise by cutting the fields.

We travel in time and space!”

Alceu Pires – Arts critic

Some shares of artist exhibitions and cultural events:

I participated in several exhibitions of painting, always seeking to express my joy, My love of painting and the colorful.

1st. open winter exhibition of the arts journal / Park acclimation – honorable mention July 1996.

plastic arts exhibition newspaper arts / Athletic Association of the Bank of Brazil in August 1996 – honorable mention.

1º. Hall of arts Alfredo Mucci, Hall of Extreme Minas Gerais, September 1996 – honorable mention.

3º. Michelangelo Painting Prize – honorable mention.

8º. Brazilian Hall of Mokiti Okada Foundation in Art 1998 – honorable mention.

1º. Hall Arts Cultural Space Astra – Association of Civil Servants of Regional Police of the State of São Paulo Work – honorable mention.

Spring exhibition of art in the Shopping Interlar 09/09/1996 to 06/10/1996.

11º. Arts hall of the Commercial Association of São Paulo / Pinheiros – classified work 1998.

12º. Commercial Association of Arts Hall of São Paulo / Pinheiros – classified work 1999.

Advertising: Banner Luiz Carlos de Andrade Lima

Inaugurated the hall of the Cultural Center of the Heart Institute Heart Institute in São Paulo, with the exhibition entitled: Field of flowers, in January 2000.

21º. Commercial Association of Arts Hall of São Paulo / Pinheiros – honorable mention 2008.

Show exhibition events and Field Club Talent Athletic Association Guapira silver medal with the work entitled protective angel, held in 9 May 2010.

Collective Arts Exhibition "Holiday on the Farm" held in the cultural house polo farm Morumbi / SP of the Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History.

Gold Medal for lifetime achievement in July 2010.

Participation in the 25th. Commercial Association of Arts Hall of São Paulo with a classified work in 2012.

Exhibition at the Cultural Center Alberico Rodrigues in March 2013.

Collective exhibition Itinerant 'Art and Football' in Rio Canaanite Laro, Tatui and Mogi das Cruzes, from April to September 2014, curated by Dinah Jobst.

Group exhibition 'A Brazilian Passion' in Jundiaí / São Paulo at Shopping Max in July 2014, curated by Edison Lufaac.

Exhibition at the College Freiburg, School Wee Cottage in November 2014, representing the Brazilian naive art.

Currently exhibition and sales at the Fair Arts and Antiques Benedito Calixto Square in São Paulo.





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