5 tips for decorating outdoor areas without renovation


Add personality and warmth to balconies and backyards with plants, vibrant colors, suitable furniture, and add a touch of charm even to the laundry room

The decoration of external environments deserves special attention.

Backyards and balconies are a space of comfort and well-being, whether for leisure time with the family, socialize with friends, for children to play or even for pets to rest.


There are many possibilities to take advantage of open spaces with creativity and style, without the need for renovation.

However, You need to be careful when decorating to ensure a pleasant room..

For the first step, which will provide guidance to others, It is important to define the purpose of the external area.

The number of people working remotely has increased by around 53,5% in the last two years, according to data released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics.

If there is extra space in another room in the house, transforming the balcony into a work office is a good option, with a suspended bench or desk accompanied by a comfortable chair, for example.

For those who like cooking or health, Another suggestion is to take advantage of the place to plant.

A vegetable garden at home results in fresh seasonings, since, in addition to using vases in decoration, manages to employ the green vertical wall trend.

Or even turn the outdoor area into a new living room, with simpler materials.

A well-ventilated or outdoor space, with sofa in pallets, coffee table, swing hammocks, pillows, mantas, paintings and other decorative pieces, transforms the environment into a sophisticated refuge.

Another alternative for the same style, is to invest in a stroller or, even, renovate an old piece of furniture and add a minibar for relaxed moments.

The most important thing is to see balconies or backyards as an inviting leisure space that provides a feeling of tranquility, and which can also be functional depending on the lifestyle and behavior of residents.

Check 5 Tips for transforming the decor of your space without needing major renovations.

Integrate plants into the environment

Plants filter the air, remove toxins and release fresh oxygen, making human beings more willing and invigorated.

The green color, on the other hand, reduces stress, anxiety and feeling of tiredness.

In addition, caring for plants and watching their growth releases happiness hormones, like serotonin, molecules responsible for cell communication in the nervous system, very related to good mood.

Vertical gardens are modern and versatile.

Can be built with pallets, recycled wood or plastic bottles and personalized with different species of plants.

Another alternative is panels with ferns, easy to care, and add a tropical touch to the decor.

It is essential to choose the right plants; for that, consider the climate of the region and the amount of sunlight that the external environment receives.

The vases must match the style chosen for the decoration, and models with an opening at the bottom prevent water accumulation and root rot.

Cactus, Saint George's Sword, elephant paw and chlorophytum are good examples of plants that adapt to the sun and require little maintenance.

For those who want to dabble with flowers, hibiscus and violets are recommended..

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Get creative with painting

Unlike the internal environments, where sober colors usually reign, outer corners are ideal for vibrant, expressive paintings.

Warm and intense colors overflow energy and relaxation.

For those who prefer a calmer and more cozy style, Earthy tones like beige and brown create a rustic, relaxing atmosphere.

Textures are full of personality and make a difference in the result, with a unique and special touch to the environment.

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Designs with 3D effect, marmorato ou burnt cement, for example, attribute authenticity, while smooth and uniform surfaces convey modernity and minimalism.

Choose practical and suitable furniture

As it is a wildcard location, versatile and resistant furniture is needed.

Bet on wood with a waterproof finish, steel or wicker, as these materials guarantee the useful life of the furniture for much longer, even with exposure to sun and rain.

Rustic wood is not suitable for outdoor areas, as they can rot easily.

Metal heats up a lot in the sun, what can cause discomfort.

Look for furniture that reflects your personality and matches the rest of the room. House.

To make the environment beautiful and harmonious, It is necessary to choose furniture that is proportionate to the space available in the room. external area.

Furniture that is too large will make the room look even smaller., therefore, if the leisure area or balcony is small, choose smaller pieces, that make better use of space strategically.

Touch of charm for the laundry room

A well-planned laundry room can ensure a more practical routine and help save time during household chores..

The service area must be charming like the rest of the external decoration..

Sliding doors made of wood allow more clean the delimitation between spaces, and sophisticated knitted decorative pieces for six pack complete the artisanal touch.

To equip this place and bring more practicality, it is possible to design specific carpentry pieces with niches, for hanging clothes and large cabinets in more neutral tones to store accessories and cleaning products.

Another alternative is to add a brick wall, which improves the acoustics of the environment and provides more silence.

Rest corner

Increase comfort with items that express peace, both functional and decorative.

An example is the network, usually made of cotton or straw, but with an infinite number of colors, sizes and models, suitable for those who want a relaxing environment.

The suspended armchair can be placed on the balcony, no quintal, on the balcony or even in the garden.

The idea is for it to be a comfortable space, whether to read a book, have a drink or meditate.

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