ARTCOMEXPO, Open Gallery KALO – Tirana, Albania, by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

All bright blue,
On a light background
In half relief.
Antlers of trees and flowers,
A temple decorated with lanterns.
rotund figures of entremez.
An island. A lacy kiosk.
An arm of the sea.
A pagoda and a Chinese palace.
A bridge.
A boat with its silk deck.
Pigeons flying overhead.
(CORALINA, 2004, p.49)


In the world of Art, the multiplicity of signs and symbols is great and varied..

Creative minds wander through unfathomable colorful or monochromatic paths; straight or curved lines; with shapes or without defined shapes; with deep meanings or with such lightness that they seem to fly away with the breeze.

The colors, whether invented or not, navigate unusual scenes and allow for beautiful journeys to look at, as if the soul was also carried along with the artist's idea.


And it may be that this was the greatest attribute of the exhibition that took place at Galeria Kalo, in Albania, promoted by the renowned ARTCOMEXPO team, by Baroness Jiselda Salbu, curator and artist. The event was also curated by Duart’s.

The opening of the exhibition took place on the day 23 May and featured a beautiful official opening, with the presence of several participating artists.

There were awards in different types of Art, through diverse techniques and artistic expressions.

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The works were organized according to the theme, leading to a deeper exploration of each content.

The human body was very well represented in a realistic or abstractionist way (Fig. 7) according to the technique of each artist.

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Abstraction in Art (Fig. 8) was represented by explosions of colors that blended into the works, as if they all made up a beautiful set.

The representation of childhood innocence through games that are so common anywhere in the world was clear. (Fig. 9), whether in a simple ball game, in an outdoor rush, with colorful kites in the sky, or even through the curious looks of children discovering the world around them.


  • CORALINA, Cora. Melhores Poemas. São Paulo: Global Editora, 2004.

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