Visual artist immortalizes pets in oil on canvas


Inspired by customers' love for their pets, Natalia Krüger creates original paintings of pets and sells them online

Visual artist Natalia Krüger (@nkruger_art) has enchanted the internet with artistic creations of pets.

The artist, who became a specialist in pet portraits, transform dog photos, cats and other animals in works of art that capture the essence and personality of each pet.


Produced in oil on canvas, after a long conversation with the owner to understand the personality of each pet, Natalia's paintings become more than just painting, These are tributes that celebrate the loving bond between pets and their owners.

“Love, The joy and affection that animals bring to our lives are incalculable. My mission is to capture that feeling”, says the artist.

Natália's works don't just decorate walls, but also carry a deep emotional meaning. Many people order paintings of pets that have passed away., finding comfort in the vivid memories the paintings evoke.

Others seek portraits of their current companions, celebrating the happy moments shared.

Natália Krüger's interest in art began when she was still a child and it was a memorable event in her childhood that made her start painting pictures of pets..

“My first pet painting was of my childhood cat. I was about nine or ten years old when I had this cat, and your loss was very tragic for me. Years later, during a pandemic, when I started dedicating myself fully to my career as an artist, I decided to paint a picture of him, as a way to immortalize your memory”, Natalia account.

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This first frame, a tribute to your first pet, opened doors for many other orders. “It was amazing how one thing led to another. People saw my cat's painting and were enchanted. Soon they started asking for portraits of their own pets., and I started selling a lot online, via instagram”, remember the artist.

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“For me, It's a way to immortalize this special bond. I believe that, for my clients, It’s also a way to keep your animals’ memories alive.”, concluded Natalia.

About Natalia Krüger

Natália Krüger is a Brazilian visual artist born in Guaratuba. His interest in art began in childhood, when she had 12 years old and his father introduced him to painting paints. It was love at first stroke.

He graduated in entrepreneurship in business management from the Federal University of Paraná and completed training in fashion design. In 2020, at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, began to dedicate himself entirely to art. In 2023, exhibited his works at the Carrousel du Louvre, at the invitation of the entity itself.

Natália's creative process is inspired by the beaches of the coast of Paraná. Motivated by the “blue hour” light – when the sun is just below the horizon and the light takes on a bluish hue – the artist is able to create a soft and melancholic atmosphere, capturing the serenity of these moments.

For more information about Natália Krüger's work and to order a personalized portrait, visit the artist's official website or follow her social media, where she shares her latest creations and inspiring stories.


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