In the shadow of the Cold War: A theft, a disappearance and many crimes

Book "Beyond the Smoke" by Edvaldo Silva, cover - featured. Disclosure.

no tangle of “Beyond the Smoke”, Edvaldo Silva builds an ingenious investigation that crosses borders and reaches Brazil The year was 1987, the city of berlin, capital of germany, era dividida por um muro que impedia qualquer pessoa de atravessar para o outro lado e os escombros da Segunda Guerra Mundial ainda podiam serRead more

hereditary misery: Marcos Frizzo's novel questions the legacy of future generations

"The Dark Veins of the Sahara"" by Marcos Emilio Frizzo, featured. Disclosure.

“The dark veins of the Sahara” tests the limits of empathy in society in a story that passes through Brazil and reaches the desert What legacy will today's society leave for the next generations? No romance As veias escuras do Saara, o escritor gaúcho Marcos Emílio Frizzo faz refletir sobre como a miséria humanaRead more

A book can change the course of the Great Navigations

"The King's Secret"" by Douglas Portelinha, featured. Disclosure.

“The King's Secret”, written by the paranaense Douglas Portelinha, mixes fiction and world history in an adventure plot From Paraná to Bahia, civil engineer Douglas Portelinha lived in different Brazilian states. because of the profession, also lived in six other countries: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Angola and Argentina. A experiência com tantas viagensRead more

angel blood: How far would cupid's angel go for revenge?

"Angel's Blood"" by Aline Silvestri, cover - featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Urban fantasy duology written by Aline Silvestri is released this Tuesday (08/11) Well known for the work of forming couples, cupid angels are popularly linked to loving and angelic beings, but not all are like that. Released this Tuesday (08/11), a duologia Sangue de Anjo, escrita por Aline Silvestri, se propõe a levar o leitor para umaRead more

Amanda Aquino challenges readers in her new thriller “In the Eyes of Osko”

Book "In the Eyes of Osko" by Amanda Aquino, cover - featured. Disclosure.

The writer's third work will be released on 27 August on Amazon and competes for the Kindle Prize for Literature Debuting in literature at 15 years old during the Rio International Book Biennial, a escritora carioca Amanda Aquino se prepara para publicar sua primeira fantasia mesclada de suspense; “In the Eyes of Osko”. Envolvendo os leitores emRead more

Launch: book tells the backstage of the pilgrimages in honor of Nossa Senhora da Agonia, in Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Illustrative picture. Photo: Pixabay.

Will be released next day 5 of August an unpublished book that talks about one of the Portuguese traditions: the pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Agony. The work, entitled “Festas D’Agonia – Viana do Castelo – For Brazilians and Luso-descendants” will be presented by the author, jornalista Igor Lopes, and the Secretary of State for the Sea, … Read more

Vanessa Guimarães confirms presence at the 26th São Paulo International Book Biennial

Vanessa Guimaraes, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Winner of two literary awards, the author will be in the days 02 and 03 July at the booths of the publishing house Cabana Vermelha and ABERST Author of “Beijo de Borboleta” and “Os Outros”, Vanessa Guimarães anuncia sua participação na 26ª Bienal Internacional do Livro de São Paulo com duas sessões de autógrafos. Winner of two editions of the Coherence Choice Awards, a artista marca presençaRead more

TEATRO SECALHAR launches free e-book on theater creation

Photography Beatriz Fidalgo, Blue Beetle Photography.

The theater group TEATRO SECALHAR will launch the free e-book “lepAp: creation stories”. The focus of the book is on the process of creating “lepAp”, the company's first theatrical work, built entirely with the composition technique Operative Mode AND, by anthropologist and performer Fernanda Eugenio. since its debut, in november of … Read more

almost guardian: Rafaella Marques launches second book in the Eleita pela Magia saga

Book "Almost Guardian" by Rafaella Marques, featured. Disclosure.

after being elected, Luna needs to team up with her new witch friends to fight a dark magic villain that threatens everyone's existence Luna's journey into the universe of magic has just begun! Published by Grupo Editorial Coerência, “Almost Guardian”, segundo livro da saga Eleita Pela Magia, arrives at the main bookstores of the … Read more