Scandinavian style of decor: know more about

white walls, hardwood floors, modern furniture and minimalist decor are all traces of scandinavian style of decoration.

More than just furniture, Scandinavian design draws from Nordic influences and incorporates contributions from talented Scandinavian designers.

Scandinavian design is a prominent movement that influenced everything., from architecture and interior design to product design.


The movement emerged at the beginning of the 20th century in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland. During a decade of 1950, became known around the world.

Combining minimalism and functionality, Scandinavian design offers a solution for simple living, practical and functional.

What makes Scandinavian design unique and elegant?

Besides being so immersed in their home countries, Scandinavian design is unique in having four strong principles that inspire it.:

  • Functionality;
  • Durability;
  • reliability;
  • Simplicity.

The design and decoration come from minimalist ideals, in which everything was made to serve a purpose, and not to stand out or appear cluttered in any way.

The idea is that if you have pieces occupying space that have no function in your daily life, throw them away, since, excessive ornamentation is not the Scandinavian style.

As a design option, Scandinavian style finds wide popularity because it can be considered sophisticated or more basic., without losing any of these four principles.

Although magazines often make Scandinavian design look "impossibly clean and expensive", aesthetics can be easily modified to suit any budget.

It's hard to find decor that makes your home look tidy and stylish at a low cost.. However, Scandinavian design deftly achieves this look at a low cost..

However, if you have the money to invest in high-end products, the trend is to invest in quality wooden parts and even stainless steel railing.

Another distinctive piece of the Scandinavian design style is its focus on socialization.. born from its origins, Scandinavian decor focuses on encounters, with large dining spaces that can accommodate many people.

It's important to have a good-sized dining table to accommodate several guests and to invest in some of the popular slender-legged Swedish chairs.. In addition, have a beautiful ceramics decorative on the table can delight even more.

Having more open space means guests won't feel crowded., comfort and openness are vital to Scandinavian design aesthetics.

Or Scandinavian climate influence or style

Much of the style is a reflection of the climate in the Nordic region.. The region's long winters demand that its inhabitants spend much of their time indoors, which is why there is a focus on many well-lit spaces with a practical setup.

The mood also influences the color palette of Scandinavian decor. The style favors bright tones like white or beige, with little bursts of color. It all comes down to making homes pleasant and welcoming during the long winters.

Elements of Scandinavian design

The main elements of Scandinavian design are functionality., reliability, simplicity and skill, as we saw previously, what can be obtained through different materials.

Most Nordic-style designs also favor natural materials., especially light woods such as ash and beech, wool and linen fabrics, leather and glass.

While some items feature traditional patterns or splashes of brighter colors, most Scandinavian-style designs have an understated, minimalist look..


Scandinavian-style furniture is minimalist and practical.. Designers often use only solid wood to create chairs., tables and other furniture items in a Nordic style.

Natural materials like leather, linen and Kvadrat fabrics complement the wooden surfaces. Function plays a crucial role in all Scandinavian furniture design..

Think more secluded storage, modular shelves or flexible designs. In addition, you can think about custom furniture and hire a company to architecture and urbanism projects to decorate the interior.

Types of wood used

Scandinavian furniture features wood widely found in the five Nordic countries of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. The most common types of wood for Nordic-style furniture are beech., ash and pine.

lighter in color, these woods also have a more subtle and minimal grain without any knots or dark stains..

Color palette

Although Scandinavian-style interiors vary and may include different influences., they usually feature a similar Nordic color palette..

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Scandinavian interiors and furniture designs feature white tones., dirty white and gray, along with soft colors of blue and green. Darker accents can also create strong color contrasts..

Other shades include shades of beige and cream, as well as muted shades of brown, as these interiors often feature an abundance of wooden floors and furniture..

It might be interesting to hire a painting services company to masterfully decorate the walls.

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Scandinavian cuisine

A Scandinavian kitchen is the epitome of simplicity and function. Like any Nordic design, kitchens completed in this style feature light tones., wood surfaces, simple lines and practical features.

Elegant metal stools, Dark cabinets and tile patterns can also create a focal point., along with some well-chosen kitchen utensils and accessories. in the windows, SP aluminum frames can be great choices.

Thanks to the versatility of Scandinavian design, you can easily choose the look that best suits your preferences and your home decor.

Scandinavian living room

A Scandinavian living room typically features wooden floors in a light natural color and white walls.. Large windows that flood the interior with natural light and minimal use of simple designs help create a light and airy space..

darker accents, Stunning lighting and designer furniture are also present in the Nordic-inspired living rooms.. Think about glass frames and tempered glass for the windows, can be a great option.

Creating a Scandinavian-style living room is actually easier than it might seem. A living room is also a great way to start transforming a Nordic-designed home., because it's the heart of the house.

Scandinavian-style room

The hygiene concept seems especially adapted for bedrooms.. Naturally, Scandinavian bedroom design features a range of elements that provide maximum comfort..

natural textures, warm blankets, Hardwood floors and a shag rug can easily turn a room into a hygienic haven.. Decorative accents, art on the walls, plants and natural light complete a Nordic-style room.

You can also think of a high standard landscaping design to your room, bathroom and living room, in order to bring nature closer to you.

Scandinavian-style bathroom

Like Nordic-style rooms and kitchens, a Scandinavian bathroom design focuses on simplicity and function. White walls and white tiles appear alongside wooden cabinets or light furniture with wood accents..

Plant glasses, Open shelving systems and minimalist wall sconces are also commonly found in Scandinavian bathrooms.. Hiring a painting company can help make the walls spotless.

practical quality

When it comes to decor, Scandinavian design may be best known for being simple and economical, but it can also present itself in classic and sophisticated forms., all without losing its sense of functionality and practicality.

If you are already a fan of minimalist and Scandinavian decor with muted colors, you might want to take a book on Scandinavian decor and from it set your own interior design standard., not settling for default styles.


Scandinavian design has influenced architects and interior designers for nearly a century, long before the golden age of Nordic design years 1950. Combining minimalist aesthetics with function and comfort, this style is still one of the most popular.

Versatile and timeless, Scandinavian furniture and lighting offer an easy way to create an elegant and cozy living space..

The pinnacle of simplicity and comfort, Scandinavian interiors embody the concept of hygiene in all its glory.

Luxurious Surfaces, cozy fabrics, simple patterns, natural materials and open, airy spaces contribute to increasing the feeling of comfort. At the same time, the nordic style spaces are just beautiful.

Refined and cozy, Scandinavian design houses are also timeless and become the perfect setting to live well and calmly..

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