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Meeting at the MNBA about the works of black artists Timóteo da Costa, day 4 Nov

In the face-to-face presentation this Thursday, day 4 November, at 3:0 pm, within the project MNBA: Open for works, the specialist in Art Theory and Master in Museology Claudia Rocha, will comment on aspects of the life and works of the brothers Timóteo da Costa.

Artur and João Timóteo da Costa were two black artists working in Rio de Janeiro, where were born, between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Having been an apprentice at the Brazilian Mint, where he studied drawing and engraving of coins and stamps, in 1894 Artur joined the National School of Fine Arts (where the MNBA works today), and his brother, also painter João Timoteo da Costa.

There he was a student of masters such as Zeferino da Costa and Henrique Bernardelli. With the frame "Before the Hallelujah", Artur (1882-1923) wins the Travel Abroad Award, in 1907, heading to Paris to improve his work.

Possessing a rigorous and striking design, Arthur also ventured into decorative painting, and produced, together with the brother, the panels for the Brazil Pavilion at the International Exhibition of 1911, in Turin (Italy), industry- and labor-oriented.

The project “MNBA: open for works” takes place on Thursdays, from 3 pm to 4 pm, with places limited to 30 participants. The objective is to promote a dialogue between the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts/Ibram and the public, through the in-person presentation of research carried out on its collection and including the exhibition of works of art.

Free registration only through emeio: mnba.eventos@gmail.com

Attention: it is mandatory to present proof of vaccination against Covid 19. The use of masks is mandatory and all protective precautions against covid-19 must be respected.

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