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Kiss, 1966, oil on canvas, 100x150cm, Serpa Family Collection. Photo: Jaime Acioli.
Kiss, 1966, oil on canvas, 100x150cm, Serpa Family Collection. Photo: Jaime Acioli.

Virtual meetings with the curators of the Ivan Serpa exhibition: the expression of concrete set in CCBB-SP until the day 02 August!

Exhibition that brings the most important retrospective of master Ivan Serpa win virtual events with the show's curators.

Days 15 of June, 01 and 15 July – 20 hours
Information and registration: bit.ly/Encontros-IvanSerpa

Ivan Serpa
the concrete expression
By 02 August – CCBB São Paulo
Visitation: Every day, from 9:00 to 6:00 pm, except tuesdays

Virtual events with curators: http://bit.ly/Encontros-IvanSerpa
Lecture 15/06: 20 hours youtu.be/mN_69s5hKWg
Webinar 01/07: 20 hours youtu.be/QxVbOjs3vQY
Webinar 15/07: 20 hours youtu.be/t6MgWLbmLqQ

Set no Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil Sao Paulo since February this year, the exhibition Ivan Serpa: the concrete expression, a comprehensive retrospective one of the most important masters of the history of Brazilian art, wins three virtual events with the show's curators.

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The premiere is at Tuesday, day 15 of June, with the curators Hélio Márcio Dias Ferreira and Marcus de Lontra Costa, who speak to the public through the virtual lecture (youtu.be/mN_69s5hKWg) from the relevance of the exhibition to post-war Brazil, the reconstruction of the west, modernism in the 2nd industrial revolution, the Front and Breakage groups, the decade of 50 e a utopia modernista. O calendário segue em July with the webnars, Ivan Serpa: the “concrete expressionist”, at Thursday, day 01, with Hélio Márcio Dias Ferreira and in Thursday, day 15, “Between the modern and the contemporary" with Marcus Otter Costa. Os webnars oferecem ao público um certificado de participação. Registration and information via the link: bit.ly/Encontros

The exhibition

There is never anything really new. The new is something from the past that was chosen again. Or there, always, It is a resume position.

Ivan Serpa

Ivan Serpa: the concrete expression features 200 works, the various stages of the artist who died prematurely (1923/1973), but left works that cover a great diversity of languages, using various techniques, becoming a reference for new paths in the national visual art.

The show runs through the rich trajectory of the artist, exponent of Brazilian modernism through works of great relevance selected in several public and private collections.

Curated by Marcus Otter Costa and of Hélio Márcio Dias Ferreira, the show presents works from all phases and techniques used by the artist: concretism / bonding under pressure and heat / woman and beast / fo the aNobii (informal abstraction) / black (crepuscular) / on – erotica / anti-letra / Amazon / hose and geomantic.

The creative diversity and its expressions confirm the important role of Ivan Serpa in Brazilian modern art, the creation and leadership of the Front Group (Lygia Clark, Lygia Pape, Franz Weissmann, Abrahan Palatinik, Hélio Oiticica and Aluísio Coal), and through its project to spread and motivate new generations to the art, with his classes for children and adults at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. Serpa's virtuosity and his broad mastery of technique and his expressive means were already recognized at the first São Paulo Biennial, in 1951, when he is considered the Best Young Painter at the art fair that has become one of the main events of the international artistic circuit.

Ivan Serpa: the concrete expression summarizes the essence of the work of this artist, despite being best known for Concretismo, also ventured for freedom of expressionism, without ever losing touch with the order and structure. It is a single exposure, An artist complex, final to rekindle the memory of this labor of Brazilian art.

"Ivan Serpa surprises even today for its extreme sensitivity, for their continued commitment to liberty that feeds the true artistic creation. While critics and theorists would charge the artist an aesthetic coherence, conveying it to a particular artistic school, Serpa responded with boldness and the characteristic detachment from real creators. Among the many teachings, the lesson Serpa in lega is that craving, this ongoing commitment to freedom and boldness that transforms human adventure into something sublime and transformative. Therefore, today and always, We need to keep in touch with the production of this exemplary artist who transforms shapes and colors in a magical kaleidoscope, multiple and righteous in his expressive language ", says Marcus de Lontra Costa, one of the exhibition's curators.

"We thank Ivan Serpa at his legacy, that left a trail of freedom in Brazilian art, of modernity to our days. remember that, in his relatively short career, eager to live and work, since childhood lived under the threat of death, but found time to teach others the power of art”, complements Hélio Márcio Dias Ferreira, researcher expert on the work of Ivan Serpa.

trajectories courageous, such as Ivan Serpa, They stress the importance of artistic action as the defining instrument of common cultural identities, but, also, as challenge agent and subversion. In the contemporary world one must always be aware and strong, and feed on knowledge derived from the recent past, so that we can face the dilemmas and challenges of the present and future. So the biggest challenge of contemporary art is the face, and as examples Ivan Serpa, They give us the ruler and compass and teach us to overcome and win the dragons of evil ", complements Marcus Otter Costa.

The show that passed through Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte arrived at CCBB São Paulo with an exclusive assembly designed to occupy the entire institution that will set it up until 02 August. Os catálogos da exposição estão à venda nas Livrarias Travessa.


virtual events: information and registration: http://bit.ly/Encontros-IvanSerpa

  • Lecture with curators Hélio Márcio Dias Ferreira and Marcus de Lontra Costa: third, day 15 June, from 8 pm to 9 pm – youtu.be/mN_69s5hKWg
  • Inebinar Hélio Márcio Dias Ferreira: farm, 1st of July, from 8 pm to 9 pmyoutu.be/QxVbOjs3vQY or zoom (inscriptions) – Ivan Serpa: “the concrete expressionist”
  • Inebinar Marcus de Lontra Costa: farm, day 15 July, from 8 pm to 9 pmyoutu.be/t6MgWLbmLqQ – or zoom (inscriptions)- Ivan Serpa: between modern and contemporary

Webinar – Youtube e Zoom – 60 min

Thursday, 01 July – at 8 pmIvan Serpa: the “concrete expressionist”

With Hélio Márcio Dias Ferreira (curator)

At the meeting with curator Hélio Márcio Dias Ferreira, Ivan Serpa's brief trajectory will be presented, its multiple phases, from concretism to expressionism, in addition to the great legacy of the painter and teacher. The rare pieces featured in the show, never before seen big hair public, and the great contribution of the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center in helping to leverage the history of national art, are part of the content to be covered..

Webinar – Youtube e Zoom – 60 min

Thursday, 15 July, at 8:0 pmIvan Serpa: between modern and contemporary

With Marcus from Otter Coast (curator)

The meeting will address art as a tool for social transformations and the fall of modernist utopia, which influenced Serpa's sensibility by capturing the transformations of the approaching dystopian world and its figurative and twilight phases. The curator will also address Serpa's passage through the decade of 1960, period full of transformations, with emphasis on the emergence of new groups of actors in the then contemporary scene: women, blacks and homosexuals. The perception of a new artistic construction with a strong influence from popular art, of mysticism and the first signs of cybernetics in art are also part of the themes to be presented.

The Trustees:

Hélio Márcio Dias Ferreira. Foto: Divulgação.

Hélio Márcio Dias Ferreira. Photo: Disclosure.

Hélio Márcio Dias Ferreira – Professor of Theater School Unirio. MA in Art History from UFRJ and PhD in Education from the UFF, with part of the studies conducted at the University Paris III - Sorbonne (France), He is the author of A History of art accessible to all and Ivan Serpa: concrete expressionist, and other art books.

Marcus de Lontra Costa. Foto: Divulgação.

Marcus Otter Costa. Photo: Disclosure.

Marcus Otter Costa – former director at Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, held among other exhibits the historical exhibition "How Will You Generation 80". In 1990 assumes the direction of curator RJ MEM. Deployed MAMAM Art Museum Modern Aloisio Magalhães, in Recife. He has held numerous exhibitions in Brazil and abroad such as Niemeyer: Invention Time and Oscar Niemeyer 100 years, and great artists like Athos, Celeida Tostes, Tomie Ohtake, Franz Kracjberg etc. as well as Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection. Invited by the government of France to join the team of curators Center Georges Pompidou and the Fondation Cartier, in Paris.

In 2018 exposure Amelia Toledo - I remembered that I forgot, the CCBB São Paulo, under his curatorship won the award of the ABCA and the Paulista Association of Critics. It is currently curator of the National Industry Award – Marcantônio Vilaca SESI / CNI.

Ivan Serpa: the concrete expression
Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil Sao Paulo
Exhibition: from 03 of February to 02 August 2021
Rua Álvares Penteado, 112 – Historical center, SP Triangle, Sao Paulo-SP
Every day, from 9:00 to 6:00 pm, except Tuesdays
Access to the boardwalk by the São Bento subway station
Information: (11) 4297-0600
Free entrance, by scheduling through the Eventim application
Convenient Parking and Transfer: The CCBB has an agreed parking on Rua da Consolação, 228 (R$ 14 for a period of 6 hours – it is necessary to validate the ticket at the CCBB box office). On the way back, stops at República subway station
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