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José Waeny e seu livro "Vidas Condenadas", cover. Disclosure.
José Waeny and his book "Doomed lives", cover. Disclosure.

Civil engineer quits his career to become a writer and goes viral on TikTok

Jose Waeny, from 59 years, published the first book in 2017 and, since then, dedicates his time in disclosures

Was in 2017 who Jose Waeny decided to change his life. Despite having a comfortable life in the engineering business, love for writing spoke louder. The author left his career as a civil engineer to write and, since then, the goal is to increase the number of readers. “Writing after so many years of engineering was like an act of freedom”, emphasizes. And it was on TikTok, the social network most used by young people today, that José met.

The author of "Condemned Lives", published by Editorial Group Coherence, has more than 12 thousand followers no TikTok and videos with thousands of views. “I started producing videos for TikTok at the beginning of 2020 when a friend told me that, to be known, I needed to show my face ”, says Jose Waeny, that last year won the literary awards Coherence Choice Awards as Revelation Author.

"Condemned Lives" it's a criminal thriller. The book tells the story of a group of friends who discover a case of child trafficking in Latin America. The author, that says to be inspired by real cases, social causes and dreams, is finishing writing another book. "This is a critical environmental event that leads us to understand the need to protect the planet".

Watch below one of the videos posted on TikTok.

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Synopsis: When four young Brazilians accidentally become aware of an international gang, it seems obvious that reporting child traffickers to the police is what they should do. What they could not imagine is that fulfilling their duty as a good citizen would initiate a relentless pursuit that would change their lives forever.. Faced with danger, they will be forced to make difficult decisions, what will make them realize that, with life at risk, it is not so easy to decide between benevolence and wickedness.

About the author: José Waeny was born in São Paulo, where she lives today. Graduated in Civil Engineering, worked in the area for many years, but in 2016 chose to dedicate himself exclusively to the craft of writing. Experienced writer, has several contemporary novels published, among them Living heritage, your debut title, and South of the Atlantic. Already known on digital platforms for his psychological thrillers, now presents readers with Condemned Lives in physical format.

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