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the Ladies, Corona Marilice. Photo: Disclosure.

Between the collection and the studio, Art Corona to Marilice not MNBA

A frame can contain a lot more issues than suggests at first sight. With this provocation, the artist gaucho Marilice Corona invites visitors to its exhibition "Between the acquis and the studio", which will be inaugurated on 31 August, Saturday, às 14h, the National Museum of Fine Arts / Ibram.

Marilice explains that the selection of 32 works that make his show "Between the acquis and the studio" was determined by the study of genres, the self-referential character of most images, the pictorial quality that present, the power of the image to generate new relationships and also emotional aspects, personal. The artist has created installations that bring together paintings of his own, dialogue with works of the Rio Grande Art Museum collection South Ado Malagoli and the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Some paintings have become especially significant to be present on that show: one of the restoration of the pioneers in the country, Edson Motta, for example, It was theory teacher, technique and painting conservation in the years between UFRJ 1945 and 1980, and author of essential books for the formation of the artist, the publication "Initiation Painting", de1976. At the exhibition, Motta is part of the installation "History and art", that connects with the personal history of the artist and the art history.

Already "Initiation”, also integrating the exhibition "Between the acquis and the studio", reflects a number of comments on the formation of the artist, your references, their working papers, wishes, impasses and inheritances.

Addressing the issue of representation of the studio, Marilice Corona states that "the presence of the painter or not, is-is, on the other hand, an allegory of the very process of creation, the genesis of the artist's work. private area of ​​manual work and mental preparation. The viewer, as a voyeur, is approaching and peers, enters the picture and the intimacy of the painter, coming into contact with all sorts of objects, images and instruments that populate the studio. The production scenario offers clues about the context in which the painter is inserted. Everything is in the details. Atelier and Studio, closet. The scope of study, knowledge and also the production and disclosure of the images ".

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With career started in the early 1990, Marilice already integrated group exhibitions in several states in Brazil, Projectile having participated in the Funarte (RJ). Since 2005 the artist holds exhibition projects whose theme is the space itself where the works will be presented.

There are the solo exhibitions exhibition spaces in the Palace of Arts – BH / MG, 2006; Methods and Measures, Room Lucio Costa, Brazil House, Paris, 2008; play space, D Foundation. Luis, Cascais / Portugal, 2014; Autoscopias, Gallery Exchange Porto Alegre Art, 2015 and the Project between the collection and the studio held in MARGS, in 2017, and which gave him 11th Açorianos Award of Visual Arts. Featured Solo Exhibition.

In addition to visual artist, Marilice Corona is Professor of the Department of Visual Arts and the PPG-AV of the Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Arts painting (UFRGS).

Service: Exposure Among the acquis and the studio, of Marilice Corona.
Opening: 31 August, 13h.
Period: From: 31 from August to 1 of december.
Time: Tuesday to Friday, the - 10 at 18h | Saturdays, Sundays and holidays - 13 at 18h.
Entrance: R$ 8 (entire) | R$ 4 (half) | Family (for up to four members of the same family): R$ 8.
Ticket sales and entry of visitors to 30 minutes before the museum closing. Free admission on Sundays.


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