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Interview with Márcia Vinhas Fernandes, “Alla prima”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Interview with Márcia Vinhas Fernandes, “Alla prima”,
by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Joining or visiting some exhibitions, I always end up having a lot of pleasant surprises, discovering some unknown talents and little divulged.

I had the great pleasure and joy of knowing personally in Itapetininga, at I Mostra Itapetininga de Arte. Obs.: (We were already online friends).

Presentation Márcia Vinhas Fernandes, colorful plastic artist and writer:

Born in Niterói, lived in Resende and now lives in Santana de Paraíba, city ​​Cradle Bandeirantes, taken by the historical heritage.

She studied at the Panamericana de Arte e Design School, made several broadsides and travel courses for studies.

Profile Márcia Fernandes VineyardsWe asked then to tell us about your artworks and books:

Márcia: “I work with Color.

All my work is done “alla prima”, in oil paint, without drawings or touches.

“Alla Prima” is a method of direct painting on canvas, is an Italian term used to name a technical, originally in oil, practiced in the XVII century. The result is achieved after a single application.

This method requires security, because the artist works with the speed and freedom. You must have great skill in the application of “ink” and your movements.

So that now, for this, have to have a clear idea of ​​what will be painted and what you want to pass, as well as the colors you want to use in strokes.

– You have to work painting without hesitation, so that the first impression is not lost. She delivered the canvas and the colors.

Artwork 6Later I learned the technique of Veladura.

– “Veladura” is a traditional technique, associated with oil painting. It is used to perform merges.

It comes from the Renaissance, 15th century, is applied separately, in successive thin layers and transparent paints, producing a wealth of tones and brightness.

The thin transparent layer applied on the dry paint changes its tone and used to illuminate, shading, obtaining variations of shades.

To give life to my art, merged the techniques Alla Prima, Veladura, the Impressionism and the Color.

So, I created my language through the brush strokes, joining techniques and looking for fluff colors, thus obtaining, a three-dimensional effect.

The canvas composition is at the junction of colors, through the motion with strokes, obtained with the studied techniques and Impressionism.”


My Theme: The Color.

My Technique: Alla Prima and Veladura.

My Style: Contemporary Impressionism.

My Form of Expression: Brushstrokes with Continuous Movements.

My Effect: Three-dimensional.

My Work: Unique.

Artworks of the Artist:


Márcia, tell us about your latest book "Arte de ver e sentir":

Book Art to see and feel 2“Book for Beginners in Art, launched at the Biennale in São Paulo.

A book for those who want to understand a bit and be delighted by the Creations… The Colors… The Forms… The Transparencies… The Times… The Styles…

A mild form, a book to help you understand a little bit this magical world.

The book makes parallels with the historical eras and Brazil, explains some techniques, speaks a little about colors, presents some painters…

Makes a quick and direct caught in the art world, from mounting exhibitions to behavior in museums.

A book to read and reread always, use as research, to take into museums and exhibitions.

Preface to the Historian Mônica Hernandes.”




# Casa Galeria.

Book launch in January.


Latest holdings:


– Released in the Bienal of São Paulo art book. “Arte de Ver e Sentir”. Working team, Mônica Hernandes – Historian, Carla Burnato – Photographer, Cristiano Justo – Web e Francisco Fernandes Filho – Administration.

– Collective Exhibition “13 Mostra Primavera da Associação Piracicabana de Artistas Plásticos” – APAP. By 14 November in Armazém 14 the Engenho Central.

– Participating in the I Mostra de Arte de Itapetininga – no Clube Venâncio Ayres. From 04 until 14 November. With the launch of the Book “Arte de Ver e Sentir”.

– Book Launch “Arte de Ver e Sentir”, at Galeria Licia Simoneti, in Limeira, São Paulo.

– Book Launch “Arte de Ver e Sentir”, in Colégio Aplicação de Resende, Rio de Janeiro.

Participating in the first Exposição Nacional de Arte de Caixinha de Fósforo, by APAP, curated by Margarete Zenero. In the Casa do Povoador, Piracicaba.

– Participating in the APAP.

– Writing my second Book of Art.

Working in Color Junction. Canvas out of wood, with small dabs seeking a more accurate three-dimensional effect. With oil paint.

– Painting the “Three-dimensional series”. Making the brushstrokes of paint with oil paint effects.

Profile Márcia Fernandes Vineyards 2


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