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Tripod Sea. Photo: Disclosure.

Municipal schools of Paraná coast receive special programming at the end of the school year

Children from the municipalities of Paranaguá, Guaraqueçaba Pontal do Paraná and receive in their schools to play "The land of the people of grace ", with the CLA Tripod Trip troupe of many possibilities, the week of 11 to 15 of december.

The play, is a free adaptation of the book by Sergio Serrano, It depicts a world in addressing current issues, as the exploitation of natural resources, consumerism and sustainability, also brings profound questions about the values of human relationships.

The CLA Tripod Trip troupe of many possibilities – created by actresses Laís and Yara Rossato and the musician Gabriel Teixeira – developed the project “Tripod Sea” with the aim of promoting access to culture on our shores, It lacks new cultural initiatives.

“Because we have grown in Pontal do Paraná, We know the reality of the coast, and we also know how scarce are cultural initiatives aimed at these locations. The Islands that we will visit are hard to reach places, many are small fishing villages… places a lot of simplicity, and yet fascinating.” Yara Rossato.

The project '' Mar Adentro '' Tripod is accomplished by seed cultural productions and Trento Cultural Issues, and made possible through the Rouanet law of cultural incentive companies sponsored BRDE and Fertipar, having the support of Unicultura – free University of culture-from the desire of Cia Tripod Trip troupe of many possibilities to promote access to culture for coastal communities.


11/12 – Paranaguá: Island of Valadares
12/12 – Guaraqueçaba: Superagui island and Ilha das Peças
13/12 – Paranaguá: Amparo island and Eufrasina island
14/12 – Pontal do Paraná: Spring Bathhouse
15/12 – Paranaguá: Ilha do Mel Brasilia and Charmed


The land of the people of grace – Free adaptation of the work of Sergio Serrano
List: Gabriel Teixeira, Laís Rossato and Yara Rossato
General Direction: Tripod Trip Troupe of many possibilities
Musical Direction: Gabriel Teixeira
Production direction: Laís Rossato
General Coordination: Yara Rossato
Production: Camila Bernini Scotão
Photography: Robson Reginato
Realization: Seed Productions
Graphic Design: Trent Cultural Issues
Press Office: Trent Cultural Issues

The CLA Tripod Trip troupe of many possibilities came out of desire for Exchange and interaction with people in different locations, believing in the potential of the expression as a powerful tool for human development. The purpose of the CLA is to promote through the theatre, the music and simplicity the experience of many possibilities. "We're a family traveller-sowing and harvesting art culture!”.

In your account history with the experience of realization, more than 50 shows, traveling part The land of the people of grace, circulated by the State of Minas Gerais, presentation at the International Festival of Literature of Paraty-RJ, show at the Teatro Guaíra in Curitiba and participation in the caravan of poetry, a realization of the State Secretariat of Education (SEED – PR), traveling the State and municipal schools on the outskirts of Curitiba.

The artists

Yara Rossato is actress, art-educator and storyteller. For five years she traveled Europe countries, Asia and Africa working with sets. Part of the Local Education Arrangement project (SESI/FIEP), acting as a facilitator, and the project Caravan of poetry – Helen Kolody and Paulo Leminski (SEED-PR), as an artist and oficineira. Is dedicated to development of cultural projects and the creation of theatrical performances, In addition to interventions and workshops aimed at interpersonal relationships. Is clown troupe of health, project that performs weekly visits to hospitals of Curitiba and clown of the itinerant group Tripod Trip troupe of many possibilities. In his work with art, education and culture, are present issues such as sustainability, planetary consciousness and spirituality.

Gabriel Teixeira is a musician with almost 30 years of experience and art educator. Born into a family of artists, traveled the world doing shows and experiencing different cultures. Is dedicated to creating soundtracks for theatre, film and TV, and the production of independent artists and groups. Part of the Local Education Arrangement project (SESI-FIEP) as a facilitator and environmental educator, and the project Caravan of poetry – Helen Kolody and Paul Leminsk (SEED-PR). Integrates numerous bands and artistic designs, performing and producing works of varied styles and seeking a conscious approach in all that performs. Is a fundamental part of the itinerant group Tripod Trip troupe of many possibilities, developing as a clown and musician.

Laís Rossato is art-educator and student of Agroecology. Is dedicated to research of popular culture, music, theater, photography and dance. Lover of life, of art and movements, search through the experience knowledge. He studied dance at the FUNCEB in Salvador and researched the culture and agriculture in coastal communities of Bahia. He was a Member, the caravan of poetry – Helen Kolody (SEED-PR), as an artist and oficineira. For two years he served as eco-art educator, with a humanitarian organization in the South of Minas Gerais, serving children and families in need through a project that led art, Agroecology and education to the daily life of the communities. Currently conducts academic training in Agroecology by IFPR and follows the incessant research and human development, cultural and artistic.

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