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Writer Pedro Salomão preaches happiness and talks about the era of haste

The finalist author of the Jabuti Award 2019, mentions courage to live, anxiety and other topics that are directly linked to current life

After launching the books Entrepreneurship Happiness and LydereZ, Pedro Salomão is on his way to his third work and has been talking a lot about the era of haste and anxiety. The finalist author of the Jabuti Award 2019 has done a virtual job, during a pandemic, where it draws attention to the importance of living in the now, brings teachings and existential issues to everyday life. “In a moment of extreme anxiety, the last thing we should cultivate is the rush”, says Pedrinho.

“There came a time in my life, that I realized that material happiness was not buying a house, have a car, same in the past, where people barely liked what they did. Young people no longer want these goods. Their only requirement was to connect with companies with, do things that they liked, dye your hair the color you want, have the sexual orientation they wanted…then, I went deeper into this inflection, that happiness is a great asset. And my proposal is that we build this new look together. We are in the age of haste ’’, account Solomon.

On stage in big lectures, crowded auditoriums or in lives (live streams) to over 2 thousand people connected, Pedrinho gives a show when themes circulate through human behavior, happiness concept, entrepreneurship, non-hierarchical leadership, tolerance, anxiety, hurry, love and empathy. His books have become true manuals for large companies, leaders and people who seek a fuller life with values. So that now, those looking for works on the self-help shelves, don't find them. The author's intention with the copies, is to explore the importance of recovering the passion for today and overcoming contemporary diseases, like anxiety, Professional exhaustion and other syndromes.

“We live in a hurry and are unable to enjoy today, look to the side, enjoy the landscapes of the route traveled. And in that, we waste the ability to transform our lives and especially, of those around us. We are always in a hurry, and for what purpose?’’, complements Pedrinho Salomão.

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