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Festival san laiventin, banner. Disclosure.
Festival san laiventin, banner. Disclosure.

Writer creates festival of lives to celebrate Valentine’s Day

In a promotional campaign for your new short story, the writer Paula Neiva conducts the Festival San LAIVEntin with the participation of famous personalities of the literary market.

Publishers aimed at young audiences, romance authors, literary magazine and podcast are among the guests with confirmed presence at the Festival San LAIVEntin, a festival of lives that the writer Paula Neiva will conduct for the day 9 to 13 February.

And reasons abound: in addition to celebrating Valentine’s Day, celebrated date in countries of the northern hemisphere and similar to Valentine's Day, the festival of lives also opens the way for the newest release by the writer who brings her new short story to the public “Who cares for Valentine's Day?” on Sunday, day 14.

“No account, the protagonist Amanda has a total aversion to romantic holidays and, just on a day like this, gets stuck in the elevator with a stranger. Therefore, the idea of ​​the festival is, in addition to uniting two people in the same space alluding to the tale elevator, also play that, passionate or not, we can all have fun on a day dedicated to affection”, explains Paula. And concludes: “No Festival San LAIVEntin, good company is not lacking!”

The tale “Who cares for Valentine's Day?”, contemporary romance with a good dose of humor, is already in pre-order on Amazon.com.br and the complete festival schedule, that occurs on the author's Instagram profile (@porpaulaneiva), you check here:

What: Festival san laiventin
Where: instagram.com/porpaulaneiva
When: from 9 to 13 February
Themes and guests:
· Day 9, third, at 8:0 pm, “Two matches: elements that conquer us in romance books”, with Duplo Sentido Editorial
· Day 10, Fourth, at 8:0 pm, “Gee, crush: literary characters that don't exist - but they might as well”, with the podcast team Quero Ser Escritor, and now?
· Day 11, farm, at 8:0 pm, “Turning the page: how to overcome the end of that passionate book”, with author Laura Conrado
· Day 12, Friday, às 18h30, “Texts too romantic to be read and unanswered”, with the team from the literary magazine Maçã do Amor
· Day 13, Saturday, às 17h, “S.O.S San Valentin: how to spend the date well accompanied (for a good book)”, with Grupo Editorial Coerência
Short story link: www.amazon.com.br/dp/B08VGS65FB


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