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Alternative Cultural Spaces PRESENT “Proposals Emergency Non Bankruptcy”



According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, It can only be realized the ideal of free human beings, free from fear and want, We created conditions whereby everyone may enjoy his economic rights, social and cultural, as well as his civil and political rights (The UN General Assembly, 1948).

On the eve of completing 60 years, Brasilia, as well as Brazil and the world, faces its worst crisis, arising this time from an invisible enemy, promoting drastic damage to all production chains; in such a context, thousands of cultural agents of the Federal District are stranded at this time(the), respecting all the provisions to guarantee the public health of the population, while isolation or quarantine measures are in force, according to Law 13.979, 06 February 2020.

By the way, important to note that since the closure of cultural spaces, in response to measurements of prohibition of performing arts and cultural events the most diverse (decrees and federal district), to inflict damages to the crop-chain like never seen in recent decades. there is no concrete projections of losses for the cultural sector yet, but it is possible to feel the impact of this global crisis at the local level under the income collection interruption arising from the holding of courses, workshops, concerts and shows to pay for working women and men of culture.

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Although feature count in their ranks with many(Mrs) microentrepreneurs(Mrs) individual and some small and medium entrepreneurs(Mrs) the entertainment business, the cultural sector is very fragile in that it moves the pillar of informality all the time; remains economically viable from what actually produces. The Gothic style, We, managers(ES) independent cultural spaces in the Federal District, we are afflicted(the), because we know that the demand for acquisition of artistic goods and services consist in the past expenditures or investments to be made by the whole population after the end of the pandemic (who has no idea when will occur). And there is no doubt that reconstruction, re-conquests and reconfigure your audience will take time, long time – we estimate that at least four months after the crisis.

According to a survey conducted by the National Arts Foundation - FUNARTE, I had 2017 approximately 18 (eighteen) cultural spaces alternative feature in the Federal District, that is, not linked to the State or the big corporations. this total of 18 and by December 2019, 3 (three) closed its doors and is not absurd to say that, between the left, a dozen already in a situation of pre-bankruptcy as a result of the pandemic and its widespread deleterious effects, since many of these cultural resistance territories incurs fixed costs, as fees, taxes, rent and payment of personal sheet etc..

The joint held in recent days in relation to these areas of art and culture, and after conducting video conferencing with some groups and spaces, it was found that the number of cultural centers listed in the mapping Funarte does not match the actual amount, that had an increase, making it impossible official measurement of these spaces and the amount of damages to be calculated. The situation worsens as they form clusters which also depended on the events and box office, sure of the product of the respective negotiating artistic inputs through ticket sales was used for its maintenance and operation.

The trajectory of the times culture to time face the various crises, maybe the character of freedom that their carriers adopt the design and implementation of their artistic doings and this does not supports, Unfortunately, with proposals on developments in insurance translated by job layoff, guarantee fund for time services. It is worth mentioning, much of the productive chain of culture and entertainment that impact the Brazilian GDP still needs stimulus initiatives aimed to extend social security rights and support for microenterprises alternate character.

Hence the reason why the alternative cultural spaces, as well as all the productive chain of art and culture, ask for help. In this letter, in particular, We request support to this sector of independent and alternative equipment, so necessary to the flow of art in the Federal District. Artist without his studio is an artist homeless, soulless and we will have, therefore, public without laughter and without crying, but, especially, lacking in stimulating critical thinking.

that said, we present the following "Proposals Emergency Non Bankruptcy of Alternative Spaces in DF":


  1. Immediate return of the Groups Maintenance Notice and Cultural Centers for the period of 12 (doze) months 24 (twenty four) months and allocation of R $ 6.000.000,00 (six million reais) through new FAC notice expedition, within up 2 (two) months and simplified form;
  2. Reducing the amount of the fee and temporary suspension of the collection of water and sewer rates for the period of 6 (six) months, with the possibility of payment in up to 6 without interest;
  3. Equally, billing suspension electricity tariff for a period of 6 (six) months, with the possibility of payment in up to 6 without interest;
  4. Property tax exemption for spaces of culture 2020.


  1. Allocation of individual or collective amendments (parliamentary) to safeguard cultural spaces, with contra, during quarantine, enjoyment of programming establishment remote to the population by offering courses, workshops, shows and art shows online, no entrance fee. If the quarantine not last for example the whole period of four months, so after the release for return of economic and social activities with holding events, these spaces still subsidized with public funds shall maintain ongoing part of schedules, even then maintained in person and gratuity;
  2. property tax exemption Act of Creation, permanently or for a reasonable period of economic recovery, the alternative character of Cultural Centers in the Federal District;
  3. Creation of the Basic Income of Culture, aid program for artists who find unassisted(the) for not being in poster and or season, and one should obey social vulnerability criteria for such access or declaration of State of Calamity Public, Emergency, pandemic district, local, national and / or global; the resources of this program may be obtained from part of the tax paid by ISS or other taxes in force in technically viable basis for its implementation.

Brasilia, 26 March 2020

Align themselves with this letter:

  1. House Akotirene – Ceilândia
  2. House of Culture Brasilia – Asa Norte – Pilot plane
  3. House of the Four – Asa Norte – Pilot plane
  4. space Scene – Asa Norte – Pilot plane
  5. Cultural Mapati – Asa Norte – Pilot plane
  6. space H2O – Corner Emas
  7. Cultural Imaginary space – bracken
  8. Space Brazilian Invention – South Taguatinga
  9. Moon Lips space - Gama
  10. Neia and Nando space – Asa Sul – Pilot plane
  11. Space right foot – Telebrasília village
  12. Shed View Instrument – Vila Planalto
  13. South Market Live – South Taguatinga
  14. Mini Theater Lieta Lot - Planaltina
  15. Culture Point Pingo D'Água and Women Life - Vila Planalto
  16. Point of Culture Pingo D'Água and Women Life - Sunrise Valley
  17. Goldoni Theater - South Wing - Pilot Plan
  18. Theater Office Perdiz – Asa Norte – Pilot plane

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