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Bella Janela specialist gives tips on how to clean the curtains in your home

Tatiana Hoffmann, product manager at Bella Janela, points out the importance of care to preserve the duration of items

Did you know that sanitizing your products correctly helps maintain their quality? Thinking about it, Tatiana Hoffmann, product manager at beautiful window, cast 7 tips on the entire process of washing curtains of the most varied types of fabrics.

“As curtains make all the difference in environment decoration, therefore, it is essential that they are in their best version, and nothing fairer than keeping them sanitized and clean”, comments Tatiana.

Check out expert tips: 

 1 – It is recommended that curtains be washed at least 2 times a year, except in situations of force majeure.

 2 – Secure the eyelets with a string to preserve them., thus avoiding the break. In case it's not possible, One tip is to use a pillowcase for added protection., inserting every sliding part inside it.

 3 – If it is possible, prefer to wash the curtain by hand or in the delicate function of the washing machine.

 4 – Any curtain can be soaked, especially if it's very dirty. It is recommended at least 40 minutes of soaking in cold water with washing powder.

5 – For a better fit of the curtains during the drying process, we suggest placing them to dry on their own clothesline or rail. (remember to use this technique only on hot days).

 6 – For curtains made of PVC 100%, usually blackouts, just a damp cloth for cleaning, these cannot be taken to the machine.

 7 – Maintaining cleanliness between washes, can be done with a slightly damp cloth.

Tatiana points out that taking into account these tips, product life may be longer. “It is important to follow all instructions applied to each fabric, and, we do not run the risk of destroying a durable piece, always pay attention to the washing instructions on the labels sewn to the garments”, concludes.

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About Bella Janela

Headquartered in Blumenau – SC, Bella Janela Curtains and Fabrics is considered the largest curtain company in Latin America. In each new collection are produced, between models and sizes, about three thousand SKUs.

With the aim of democratizing beauty and warmth in Brazilian homes, the operation operates in three areas: weaving, finishing and confection, fully verticalized to give the best cost-benefit to consumers.

The company has four manufacturing plants, two in the city of Blumenau, one in Anita Garibaldi and another in Lages, which correspond to a manufacturing area of 100 thousand m². Count with 900 employees and generates approx. 500 indirect jobs.


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