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Show Horace, directed by Carlos Gradim


Show with script and direction of Carlos Gradim presents an existential reflection on choices, finitude and destination

50% discount on ticket value for those who bring non-perishable food for donation of 1 kg.

In the hall of mirrors that make up the scenario Horace the question "Who are you?"Echoes the existential drama that afflicts the central character, lived in the piece for three actors at the same time, at different stages of life. Directed and argument Carlos Gradim, mounting the Odeon Theatre Company - which debuted on 2 July and ends 26 no teatro Poeirinha, Botafogo - is a reflection on how imprison us before certain events of life and how they limit our existence.

With name inspired by the Roman philosopher, Horace is a multifaceted character through time. Leonardo Fernandes gives life to the young man who dreams of being a poet, at the age of 23 years. At the age of 46, he is a distant advocate of his initial impulse, played by Alexandre Mofati. Geraldo is already Peninha to Horace 72 years, a mature man looking back and can see its history. The three create absurd dialogue in relation to its existence. "Encountering with Horace means surprising himself. Recognize it again ", explica Rebuilt.

The show, with dramaturgy of Edmundo de Novaes, follows this line of work in experimental Odeon trajectory, that moves between classical, contemporary texts and own creation. The inspiration for the piece came from reading that Gradim made Common man, de Philip Roth. The book deals with the central themes of human existence, as wishes, regrets, diseases, old age and death.

The text of the play, arid and little linear, It is completed with the look and experience of the public. The complexity is to reveal the hero contained in each. "It is an attempt to demonstrate that we should not imprison us in the experience of a trauma, a pain or a loss. Because, since this prison, we miss the opportunities of pleasure and joy that life brings us ", completa Rebuilt.

The scenic installation Niura Bellavinha, also responsible for costumes, It presents a set of mirrors in which the public sees a new look at your image and the elements that surround it. The stage also receives the illumination created by Telma Fernandes.

The Rio de Janeiro is the second city to host the show. In 2013, It mounting debuted in Belo Horizonte and was nominated for IPrêmio Copasa Sinparc of Performing Arts in four categories: Director, Spectacle, Lighting and Actor. Geraldo Peninha took the prize for his portrayal.

Carlos Gradim

Known in Rio de Janeiro because of his work at the head of the Rio Art Museum - SEA, Carlos Gradim is also director of mining Odeon Theatre Company, which aims to open up possibilities for the theater through innovation and exchange of ideas. The central theme of the director of the production is the anguish of man before his existential clashes. His intention is to carry out acts that traverse this labyrinth of human relations, exploring various facets that feelings can acquire: drama, disquietude, anguish, passion, betrayal.

Odeon Theatre Company

Founded in 1998 by Carlos Gradim and Yara de Novaes, Odeon has had a strong presence in the mining scene, com forte national support. His performances have been awarded in several categories, fulfilling seasons in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and within these states and even participating in the most important theater festivals in Brazil, as the International Theatre Festival of São José do Rio Preto ("The Coordinator" of Benjamin Galemiri), the Curitiba Festival (“Ricardo III”, de In. Shakespeare e “Amor e Restos Humanos” de Brad Fraser), Porto Alegre Festival ("Love and Human Remains") e o FIT-BH ("White Nights", Fyodor Dostoevsky by, "When you're not in heaven", Edmundo Gomes de Novaes and "servitude" of Edmundo de Novaes Gomes).


Horace (drama). A reflection on how imprison us face some facts of life and how they end up limiting our experience before her. Horace, played by three actors, lives an existential drama for absurd dialogue in three stages of life. General direction of Carlos Gradim. Leonardo Fernandes, Alexandre Mofati and Geraldo Peninha. (50 min). Teatro Poeirinha: St. John the Baptist street, 104, Botafogo. Phone: (21) 2537-8053. Wednesday, the 5th, Fridays at 21h; Saturday at 19h and 21h; Sunday at 17h and 19h. R$ 50 (entire). 50% discount on ticket value for those who bring non-perishable food for donation of 1 kg. Age rating: 12 years. By 26 July.


Direction and argument: Carlos Gradim
Dramaturgy: Edmundo de Novaes
List: Geraldo Peninha, Leonardo Fernandes and the guest star Alexandre Mofati
Set design and costumes: Niura Bellavinha
Designer de luz: Telma Fernandes
Soundtrack: Morris Picciotto

Assistant director: Marcelo Aquino
Creation Wizard: Yara de Novaes Gomes
Production assistant: Glauce Carvalho
Body preparation: Suely Machado
Executive production: Mara Vieira
Production coordinator: Helber Santa Rita
Production Director: Gustavo Nunes
Production: Whirlwind of ideas Entertainment
Realization: Institute Odeon and Mill Productions
Press office: Approach Comunicação Integrada
Sponsorship: New River


www.youtube.com/watch?v = RHMmEYRJRwM



  1. Show Horace, directed by Carlos Gradim

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  2. Show Horace, directed by Carlos Gradim

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