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Show Word Flamenca. Photo Credit: Niveen Rasheed.

Theatrical highlights Flamenco Art from poems of Garcia Lorca

Theatrical highlights Flamenco Art from poems of Garcia Lorca

Word Flamenca. Photo: Disclosure.

Show Word Flamenca. Tati Barcellos. Photo Credit: Niveen Rasheed.

The show "Flamenco Word" debut on Thursday (3), in the London Theater of Curitiba Memorial, and has a series of performances until Sunday (6), completing his first season. The play will be staged in two daily sessions, at 6:30 pm and at 7:30 pm.

"Flemish Word" arises from the get-together of the same researchers shed artists, Spanish art. Ale Palma, musician and researcher in flamenco guitar, Tati Barcellos master, choreographer and dancer, the flamenco dancers also Joe Caetano and Ale Days Zabot, and the actor and theatrical director Sandro Tueros are in this show to take you to the most varied audiences the strength, beauty, vibration and expressiveness of the flamenco art, recognized by Unesco as intangible heritage of humanity in 2010.

The show serves the Flamenco Art in a contemporary dialogue with the works "poems Del Cante Jondo" and "El Romancero Gitano", the Spaniard Federico Garcia Lorca, one of the greatest exponents of this art (1898 – 1936). Mixing verse, guitar and flamenco dance, "Flemish Word" presents a vision of the poet about the dance and traditional Spanish culture.

The show was produced by means of the program of support and encouragement to the culture of the city of Curitiba. Next season will be 24 to 27 September and 1 4 October, at the Auditorium of Teatro Guaíra.


"Flemish Word"
Local: London Theatre-Curitiba Memorial (S. Claudino dos Santos, 79 -San Francisco)
Dates and times: from 3 to 6 September 2015, at 6:30 pm and at 7:30 pm
Tickets: R$ 20 e R$ 10 (half price)

Rating: 10 years


POEMS (Federico Garcia Lorca)

Ballad and la Placeta

La Guitarra

La Soleá

El paso de la Siguiriya

El Silencio


Her Married Infidel




Direction and performance: Sandro Tueros
Music composition and guitar player: Ale Palma
Choreographic and dance direction: Tati Barcellos
Bailaores performer-creators: ALE Days Zabot and Joe Caetano
Scenery and Costumes: Paulo Vinícius
Lighting design:Rodrigo Ziolkowski
Makeup: Marcelino de Miranda
Photography and video:Jessica Norman
Pre-production photographer: Niveen Rasheed
Graphic Designer: Alana Schreiber
Production direction: Bia Reiner
Realization: ST Theatre Productions

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