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João Bosco e Vinicius. Photo: Disclosure.

River station promotes free shows of country duo Joao Bosco and Vinicius and the sambista Rust

Globe project comes to Itaguaí in the day 28 November, Saturday, in the event of the municipality

Fans of the backcountry of João Bosco Vinicius and samba singer Rust can take advantage of the free shows of artists on the day River Station 28 November, Saturday. With live broadcast of Gshow (gshow.globo.com), the event will take place in the Park events, on Pier Road, in Itaguaí, a partir the 19h.

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Rust is in love with samba since childhood. At the age of 13 years, between songs from Zeca Pagodinho and Fundo de Quintal group, bought your first geek and taught himself how to play it. Also a fan of singer Pericles, Rust recorded early in his career and songs of other composers to showcase your talent on the internet. In the show, the artist promises to enliven the audience with the hits "Weatherize" and "Soapy".

The rhythm of the swing will take care of the event with the participation of John Bosco e Vinicius. The duo began to perform in 1999, at the time when the "Sertanejo Universitário" became popular among the youth of the country. To remind this early career, João Bosco e Vinicius released, in 2015, the album "dirt road", project I re-record the classics of country music and also songs from the duo's success, as "Cries, call me ", song will also be in the Repertoire of the concert in Itaguaí.

Rust. Photo: Duh Marinho.

Rust. Photo: Duh Marinho.

River Station

The River Station, conducted by the Globe sponsored by Coca-Cola, TIM and Multi Market support, aims to create opportunities for community living and appreciation of cultural traditions to the population.

Between the 27 attractions of the first season, the audience gave performances of artists such as Naldo, Beauty, Pericles, Black Race, Monoblock, Cidade Negra and before the throne, that amounted to 40 hours of music. With ten presenters, the project toured four cities (Duque de Caxias, Mosque, Japeri and Curitiba), four communities (Complexo do Alemão, Manguinhos, Cashew and complex city of God), a neighborhood (Anchieta) and a park (Quinta da Boa Vista).

The second season of the River Station took the stage Thiago Martins, Nxzero, Cristiano Araujo, 7 Top, Forfun, Natiruts, Lucas Matthew, Hoang, Preta Gil, Spring line, Swing & Sympathy, Revelation, Bangalafumenga, Lenin, Imaginasamba, Great River, Streetcar of wonders, Art Popular, Sorriso Maroto, Father Omar and Daniel. The attractions were five municipalities (Tanguá, Mangaratiba, Duque de Caxias-Baixada Reveillon headquarters 2015 -Guapimirim and Niterói), two communities (Monkeys/Old Zoo and Vila Kennedy) and three neighborhoods (Ilha do Governador, Bangu and soccer field).

The third season began in June 2015 with PIP's presentations and Nando Reis in Burned. In the sequel, the project received Latin and Olodum (Palm piscinão Palm), Ludmilla and All in the mind (Belford Roxo) and Projota and Jota Quest (São João de Meriti).

River Station

Date: 28 November, Saturday
Local: Event Park-Pier Road, s/nº – Centre of Itaguaí
Attractions: Rust and the duo João Bosco e Vinicius
Time: a partir the 19h

Free entrance

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