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Bookshelf: 7 decorating and organizing tips

A well-organized bookcase is an excellent way to decorate a room.. Despite having the objective of organizing, This piece of furniture also serves as part of your decoration..

Thus, for those who just Buy an apartment or move, knowing how to use the bookcase to compose an environment is a good recommendation. But how to do that, in practice?

To help you, we separate here 7 decorating and organizing tips for your bookshelf. Check it out and see some ideas to get inspired!

Bookshelf: organizing your books

Before we talk about bookcase organization ideas, let's first understand how to start this process.

That is, there are some precautions you can take that will make organizing and decorating much easier.. The first one is to find the best bookcase..

If you have a lot of books, for example, a small bookcase will probably not meet your demand. On the other hand, for those who have fewer copies, a bookcase that is too big will give an empty feeling.

Of course, in this second case you can compose the spaces that are left with other items of decoration.

Another important tip is start your organization by clearing the books. So you avoid having to take everything off the shelf again to clean. One more recommendation is to separate the books you want to donate or sell.

Bookshelf: Assess your space before organizing

Then, after this initial care, it is important to evaluate another point: where your bookcase will be.

Thus, measure and evaluate the space where it will be before starting the organization. Be in the bedroom, room or office, think carefully about the location and whether the bookcase matches the rest of the decor.

Bookshelf: 7 decorating and organizing tips

After assessing these points, the next step is to take care of organizing your bookshelf to books. Yet, there are many different types of organizations you can adopt.

In this way, to help you choose the ideal, we separate 7 tips on how to do. Check below for each one..

1. books by color

One of the most common types of organization for bookshelves, but not so practical, it's by color. This is also a very flashy type of organization and will certainly help in the decoration with a good composition.

The tones of the covers, sorted by color approximation, have a great aesthetic appeal. Thus, brings a lot of harmony to the environment, and you can still use other elements to complement.

LED lights, figure actions, succulent vases, anyway, there are many items that can be used in the composition of the decoration.

In addition, to bring even more prominence to your environment, using wallpapers that match the bookshelf and the colors of the books is a good option. The paper can be applied in the place where the furniture is, which guarantees personality to the space.

2. Books read and unread

Another very common way to organize books is to separate them by sections.. On one side will be the books you've already read, and of others those who will still read.

this organization, moreover, It is excellent for those who have a strong habit of reading.. After all, that way you can know exactly how many books you have available to read.

Keeping read and unread volumes separate makes it easier to grab the next read.

3. books by authors

Then, another way to organize the bookshelf is to separate by authors, in alphabetic order. For those with favorite authors, and usually read all the books released by him, this is a very interesting criterion.

Say, moreover, it also greatly optimizes your search for a particular book. That is, just knowing who wrote the book is enough to identify exactly where the volume you want to read is located..

In so many cases, moreover, books by the same author have covers that match, and form an image with the spines.

A good example of this is the series of books by Bernard Cornwell, The Saxon Chronicles who, together, form one big image with all the covers together.

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4. Books by genre

Another interesting tip to organize your bookshelf is to do it by genre.. For those who are used to reading different genres, switching between them, this type of organization can facilitate the choice of the next volumes.

Thus, just separate your books by sections, like fiction, didactic, fantasy, Romance, juvenile. Anyway, whatever genres you read, separate and arrange them on the shelf.

5. books by language

For those who read books in other languages, A good form of organization is to make the separation of sections by languages. In this way, makes it easier to separate volumes written in one language from other.

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6. Books by your preference

But a shape that fits between, practically, all readers, is to organize the books by your preference. If you are a fan of fantasy books, such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, for example, highlighting them on your bookshelf is a great idea.

However, if you are always searching for the same books, reading one passage or another, or just to remember some detail, try to make these volumes stand out.

7. books by size

Finally, one more tip to organize your bookshelf is by the size of each volume.

For those who like a geometric organization, or just have a certain perfectionism in keeping everything in the same proportion, sorting by size is an option.

Thus, to sort books by size, you have an interesting organization, but not so easy to find one or the other volume.

In addition, it is worth remembering that this requires attention. That is, Larger books tend to be heavier.

In other words, it is important that the bookcase withstand all this weight. If the cabinet is smaller and less resistant, make some adaptations to ensure correct support.


Just saw how there are several ways to organize your bookcase to compose the decoration? So, it's time to get your hands dirty.

Dust off those long-stored books, clear out your bookshelf and start arranging however you like.

be by color, size or alphabetical order, each type of organization is an interesting way to organize your books. Is that you, already chosen your favorite?

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