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Panamericana Escola de Arte e Design - Greenland Drive. Photo: Disclosure.

Registrations are now open for the training courses of the Panamericana

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Registration for the training courses can be made up to the day 31 of October

A Panamericana Escola de Arte e Design is with registration for the training courses in the areas of design, art, sets, photography, Interior design and animation. Those interested have until the day 31 October to guarantee your spot and the exemption of registration.

  1. Fine Arts/Studio: Teaches drawing techniques, painting, collages, three-dimensional and projects involving aesthetic sense, critical thinking and sensitivity. The course prepares the student for a copyright work, revealing that converses with the audience.
  1. Interior design: one of the most important interior design course of the country, He has graduated the most renowned professionals of the market, prepares students to work in residential spaces, commercials, and hotel, from the search for proposals that address the better relationship between people and spaces. Covers the complete formation of the student, addressing all the steps that make up the professional work, Since the first contact with the customer until the preparation of the Executive project for the work. The course brings together theory and simultaneous practices, with Job take training that enable students to gain experience and practice for the development of projects.
  1. Fashion design: offers classes for art and culture, as a foundation for the stimulus for creativity and innovation. Alia technical drawing, product technology and modeling, with practical lessons of cutting and sewing. Students also will leave prepared to recognize targets, different types of public, In addition to understand and predict trends.
  1. Digital Design: form pros to make use of interactive features in the design of more accessible and interactive digital interfaces, like sites, blogs, designs graphics for social networks, among others. The course aims to encourage innovation in line with the learning of techniques, as creative content, moving image, development, accessibility and usability. Emphasizes functional architectures through media such as audio resources, video, image and text, allies to languages that allow the operation of these elements, as HTML, CSS and Script.
  1. Graphic Design: with methodology created and perfected by the Panamericana via release techniques and encourage the creative potential, the student develops the look and think the design, with the different reasonings stimulus, lateral thoughts and a major re-education for the Visual Arts. The classes cover aspects such as composition, color, typography, visual language and layout, In addition to providing technologies and the latest versions of graphics software, contributing to the development of the skills.

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  1. Photography: the most recognized photography course of São Paulo, that reveals talent able to act in the areas of advertising, editorial and art market, Combining language and marketing requirements copyright. Their difference is the use of a unique methodology, It encourages the student to think, see, Search and explore all your creative potential, plus an inspirational environment. Theory and practice are offered in a balanced way, in laboratories with State-of-the-art equipment. Learning is gradual, with deepening and development of technical aesthetic sense. The students ' works are displayed in the galleries of the School, curated by big names of photography, as Armando Prado and Eder Chiodetto, In addition to exhibitions of renowned professionals.
  1. Animation and design Games: one of the most requested courses by the current market of entertainment and Visual Arts. Class awaken the creative development process, supported by cutting-edge technological structure, State-of-the-art equipment and the most updated software. Students develop projects, so much for the world of animation and the world of digital games, from the exercise and practice of ability as an illustration, drawing, animation, 3D modeling and the creation of scenarios and characters. in the area of development of apps for smartphones and tablets, as the advertising market and television, with the encouragement of the new "law of pay-TV" to develop content and productions 100% Brazil.
  1. Advertising/Creation: is focused for those wishing to work in the Department of creation of advertising agencies. The applied teaching method encourages students to develop creative campaigns through briefings offered in the classroom or through the Job Training program, in which the student has the chance to experience a real case.

More information about the courses and on the Panamericana are available on the website www.escola-panamericana.com.br and also in the two seats.

SERVICE: Training courses on the Panamericana School of art and Design

INSCRIPTIONS: until day 31 July
LOCAL: Greenland Drive
ADDRESS: Greenland Street, 77- Jardim Paulista

Information: (11) 3887- 4200

LOCAL: Angelica Unit

ADDRESS: Av. Angelica, 1900 -Higienópolis
Information: (11) 3661-8511

WebSite: www.escola-panamericana.com.br and www.facebook.com/PanamericanaEscolaDeArteDesign


  1. Estão abertas as inscrições para os cursos de formação da Panamericana #arte #cursos

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  2. A Panamericana Escola de Arte e Design está com inscrições para os cursos de Formação nas áreas de design, art,… https://t.co/xABBFfZzCa

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