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The Sweetest Museum World, SP. Photo: Marcelo Paixão.

sales are open from season tickets of The Sweetest World Museum in Rio de Janeiro

Composed of 15 facilities, the most instagramável space, Sweet and happy country, comes to VillageMall on 12 September

Ticket sales for the season of The World's Sweetest Museum in Rio de Janeiro have begun. After receiving more than 60 thousand visits during the season in Sao Paulo and spend three months sold out in Lisbon, exposure reaches the VillageMall in a space 700 m² and will provide joyful experiences for visitors of all ages, from 12 September to 13 October. The tickets are purchased in the Eventim website (www.eventim.com.br/omuseumaisdocedomundo) and cost R $ 60 (entire) e R$ 30 (half).

With the theme "Say Yes to Happiness!”, the irreverent exhibition invites the public to immerse in 15 different environments-facilities, filled with sweets in large, as if the world was made confectionery. "It is a space parallel to reality, a call to unique moments of fun and happiness, with experiences that refer to imaginary joke and hotness that everyone brings childhood can. Who ever thought of entering a place full of sweets?”, says Carla Santos, creator of the World Sweetest Museum.

Digital and instagramável: There is a candy museum, but a sweet museum

The scenography thought detail not let us doubt about the intention. With news regarding the Portuguese edition, the facilities were designed to awaken emotional memories through colors, smells, feels and tastes. For those who love eating sweets, there until 3 moments tasting.

Throughout the experience, visitors will also be surprised with augmented reality content which may be accessed through the application The Museum Sweeter the world and tell the stories of those portrayed sweets on display. The tool also offers filters and image galleries.

Everything is designed to be the most instagramável space, Sweet and happy country. "Experiments can be filmed and photographed, in very amusing scenarios, for the public to share their jokes with anyone ", highlights Luzia Canepa, director of the company Auna, which brings the project to Brazil. "It's impossible not to get out of there happy", provokes. The images of this universe of dreams, treats and colors can be accompanied by #digasimafelicidade hashtags and #omuseumaisdocedomundo.

To provide more comfort to the public, the visit is conducted by appointment and scheduling happens at the time of purchase of tickets, which are already available on the website Eventim. Still considering meet all quality, marshmallows pool has limited time to stay. Every ticket sold, the Museum will donate R $ 0,50 to the Yellow House, institution which is in the Morro da Providencia and acts to combat social exclusion and empower children and adults through artistic practices, environment conducive to the development of such activities.

Partner brands

The World's Sweetest Museum is a partnership of major brands, as Bauducco, Condensed milk, Huawei, MultiPlan, Puig perfumery, Docile and eggs Mantiqueira.

The Sweetest Museum World
When: from 12 September to 13 October.
Tuesday to Saturday, from 10h30 to 20h30.
Sundays and holidays, from 11h to 20h30.
Age rating: free. Children 14 years of age must be accompanied by parents or guardians
How it works: the itinerary includes visits to 15 environments. When buying the ticket, the user chooses the time of the visit, What happens in order of arrival at the scheduled time.
Tickets for the site www.eventim.com.br: R$ 60 (entire) e R$ 30 (half-price for students; elderly; disabled people; professionals from public schools and municipal RJ; youth 15 to 29 years of poor enrolled in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government) no www.eventim.com.br
Tickets on site (from day 12 September): R$ 60,00 (entire) e R$ 30,00 (half price), with payment in cash or debit card and credit.
Address: Av. of the Americas, 3900 – Out da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22640-102
in networks:
Instagram: @omuseumaisdocedomundo
Facebook: www.facebook.com/O-Museu-Mais-Doce-do-Mundo
WebSite: www.omuseumaisdocedomundo.com.br

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