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CRP museum in northern France wants to bring the residents of the assets and activities calendar. Photo: www.crp.photo.

Bijari studio participates in artist residency at the Center Régional de la Photographie in France

São Paulo artists will have the challenge of creating actions in the square making up the gallery and the small community

São Paulo, May 2019 – Between the days 14 and 21 May the artists Bijari studio participate in an artist residency in Regional Center of Photography Hauts-de-France (known by the acronym CRP) in the community of Douchy-les-Mines, in northern France. The difference is that this time the São Paulo group will have the challenge of proposing new uses to a square located in the surroundings, where there is also a school and a church, promoting actions that bring the residents of the gallery everyday (see photo below). "The PRC has a project to create an attachment on the square in order to open up more to the city everyday. Residents do not take advantage as they should the assets and activities of the CRP. And every day we propose a form of occupation and a different activity calling this audience ", said Mauricio Brandao's Bijari.

The Bijari actions ranging from the occupation for physical activity, through a project to transform the square in the reading room or cafeteria to prepare a collective meal, until the transformation into a public classroom space with the participation of other artists and local historians.

Night of Museums

Even before the end of the residence, still on 18 de Mayo, the Bijari features, durante a Museum Night (Night of Museums), one projection video summarizing the activities promoted with the community to date. "We will start these actions and our expectation is that people take ownership of these initiatives, is collaboratively or independently ", point Brandão.

Founded in 1982, CRP emerged from a collective of photographers. The following year, the Ministry of Culture recognized the CRP art library, which became the first of its kind in France in photography. Since 1986, CRP is housed in a former post office provided by the city of Douchy-les-Mines. Already in 1991 It was recognized as a national art center, recognized by the Ministry of Culture. More information on www.crp.photo/en/

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About Bijari

Core creation in visual and media arts Bijari existed since 1997 and has a paved research work on convergence between art, design and technology, and has as an object of interest narratives, poetic and conflicts that shape and give life to the urban landscape. More information on www.bijari.com.br

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